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(RNS) On any issue, the teachings and actions of Jesus are more radical, more revolutionary and more disruptive than anything imagined by the right wing, or the left wing for that matter.


  1. Christians principles are based in the entire Bible, not just the gospel accounts you made reference to. Thus, while you may say Jesus didn’t say much about sex, it doesn’t mean the Bible is silent about sex; the epistles from the apostles has much to say about sex and the family.

    • True enough. However, few would give everything in the Bible the same weight. Perhaps you’ve heard of red letter Christians; they would give the greatest weight to the sayings of Jesus (sometimes printed in red ink). This especially important when considering verses over which people of faith differ.

  2. The proposition that Jesus said nothing about sexual morality would surprise anyone who actually reads the gospels (see Mark 7:14-23) — or indeed the Sermon on the Mount, which includes one of the strongest possible statements on sexually morality (Mt 5:27-30).

  3. If Mainline Protestantism is so “progressive”, why is it still barely 5% non-White?
    How many people should the US have? Aren’t “progressives” worried about urban sprawl and the over-use of resources?