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WASHINGTON (RNS) The report doesn't trace violence only. It also tracks "apostates repented," a reference to winning over fellow Sunnis in areas that the group has seized.


  1. I am somewhat amused by how the business of terrorism has become so corporatized that they publish an annual report. It assumes both the existence of investors and some kind of reporting standards and metrics for gauging the performance of a religious extremist group. An international terror equivalent of the SEC.

    Make no mistake I am shocked by ISIL’s conduct and brutality and wish for them to go down in a hail of bullets and cluster munitions. But this kind of creative evil still has to be appreciated in its own right.

    Its purely illustrative of the banality of evil in adopting corporate trappings for atrocities. I guess its not much different than Nazis of Communists using the trappings of civil service bureaucratic language, memos and systems to describe organized mass murder.

  2. Ho hum. Depending on who you ask, america and israel have a pretty long list of ongoing and past “crimes” as well. Its a reciprocal concept. These “terrorists” don’t have crimes if you ask one of their supporters. Nor do america or israel if you are talking to someone who benefits from their existence.

  3. “The land is for Jews” – Yahweh
    “The Land is for Islam” – Allah to the Muslims
    “Repent or you must die” – Christians to everyone else
    “Execute them in front of me.” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)

    Can we just all get along? I have no problem with anyone. – Humanitarian Atheist