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(RNS) Two leading Reformed Protestant bodies are trying to bury differences from 150 years ago.


  1. “I killed my son for your personal benefit” – Yahweh

    What good can possibly come from a primitive human sacrifice
    from the bronze age?

    Time to abandon religion.
    And judging from the number of place where gays are accepted
    it looks like millions are doing just that.

    • Aaron Vriesman

      The deeper roots of lingering differences:

  2. Decision was unanimous at Synod, Aaron. Don’t be a divider! You linked to your own article? Ridiculous. You realize everyone is not you, right?

  3. What are the big issues lingering today, Aaron? Singing of Psalms? Can’t remember the last time I heard one at a local CRC. Catechism? See that widely today between both denominations (uh, they share religious texts via a shared printing house!).

  4. I see you also posted your article link on the Washington Post article, Aaron. Sorry, but please realize the RCA & CRC have moved past these squabbles. It is no longer 1857, praise God. Witnessed kingdom-building this past week in disaster area where both denominations coexist—building each other up, not tearing each other apart!