U.S. Anglicans (the ones who broke away from the Episcopal Church over gay bishops and other issues) will meet today to elect a successor to Archbishop Robert Duncan, owner of the most fantastic set of eyebrows this side of Rowan Williams. The Anglican Church of North America is calling it a conclave, but as Peter Smith points out, there won’t be any white smoke and no chimney.

Seriously. Google “Rowan Williams” and “Rowan Williams eyebrows” is one of the things that pops up.

Opponents of gay marriage (or supporters of traditional marriage, if you will) will rally today at the U.S. Capitol. They say they’re not rallying against anything or anyone. Let’s see how that turns out. In the meantime, Stephen Colbert broke down the arguments for gay marriage with legal eagles Ted Olson and David Boies, who won the fight over DOMA and Prop 8 last summer at the Supreme Court:

Remember Frank Schaefer, the United Methodist pastor from Pennsylvania who was defrocked for officiating at his son’s same-sex wedding? His appeal will be heard this weekend, and he’s hoping for reinstatement. Stay tuned.

I guess Italy really is the land of enchanted love. Our own Josephine McKenna talks to some of the women who are asking Pope Francis to change the clergy celibacy policy so they can marry the men (of the cloth) who captured their hearts. Guess these ladies don’t buy the whole Father Whatawaste thing.

Speaking of il Papa, there’s more than a little concern that Francis may be feeling his age (or worse) — he cleared the decks for much of July and August, but Vatican officials say there’s nothing to see here, folks. Catholic News Service tells everyone to take a breath:

Who can stop the pending excommunications of two Mormon activists? The suits in Salt Lake City, says Peggy Fletcher Stack. Laurie Goodstein at the NYT reports that a number of Mormon bloggers have been informally threatened with excommunication if they don’t renounce their views or resign their church membership.

And if you didn’t see it, be sure to check out Kimberly Winston’s drive-thru tour of Excommunication 101.

Speaking of Salt Lake, the Mormons’ adoption agency is getting out of the adoption business — at least no longer placing kids with prospective families. They say it’s because fewer kids are being put up for adoption.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the South Park/Book of Mormon mash-up of “Hello,” which, curiously, was not made by Trey Parker or Matt Stone. You’re welcome.

Veteran GOP strategist Ralph Reed will size up GOP presidential wannabes at tomorrow’s Faith & Freedom conference here in D.C.; Reed calls them “the most conservative, the most pro-life and the most pro-family stable of candidates we’ve ever had.”

File under: Bizarre. Two Catholic priests in India have been charged in the death of a seminary rector; apparently the two men thought the rector was preventing them from moving up in the church.

I wonder if they put this on a PowerPoint? The militant group ISIS that’s storming its way to Baghdad in a Sunni campaign to wipe out as many Shiites as possible issued their tally of grim stats on apostates killed, converts won, etc. Says commenter Larry: “I am somewhat amused by how the business of terrorism has become so corporatized that they publish an annual report.”

Think all that talk about ecumenism is ho-hum churchy stuff? Think again, says Wes Granberg-Michaelson, as he paints a picture of real churches doing real things to overcome real differences (although no one’s totally sure how it all started).

Activist Shane Claiborne talks to a Southern Baptist pastor who’s on a 200-mile trek to try to end the death penalty in Texas. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including their execution stats.

Someone alert Brian Pellot: Twitter reversed itself and agreed to unblock Tweets that were deemed offensive or blasphemous by government censors.

I’m sure I can’t do this in 140 characters: Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby says Twitter and other social media are killing reflection in favor of knee-jerk reactions. His main point, tho, fits in exactly 138 characters:

“The best answer to a complex issue on which one has heard a soundbite from a sophisticated argument is not always given in 140 characters.”

That’s it for today, folks. Keep checking this space for the best in religion news, and if you haven’t already, throw us your email address below and we’ll send you the Roundup every day, for free …



  1. Witness the genius of liberal wisdom, or the lack thereof. Their current narrative of the world:

    Gay sex is not sinful or questionable behavior, because there is no god. They were born that way and can’t help themselves. Pedophilia may or may not have been born that way, is not sinful as there is still no god, but is questionable and therefore wrong as we libturds have proclaimed ourselves the protectors of gays and children, and gay children. As the protectors and arbitors of children and their budding sexuality, we reserve the right to dress them in clothes of the opposite sex, undergo irreversable gender surgery at a young age and introduce superfluous gay characters into their cartoons. But don’t worry, we aren’t “going after” your children, and we are not recruiting them even though we are obviously concerned with guiding the sexual decisions of all children with our actions. If they grow up gay, trans, neutral, bi, we will have a celebration. If they grow up straight they had better support the social conditioning we instilled in them or they are forever “bigots”. If they grow up as pedophiles, we currently suggest rehabilitation therapy, which is inhumane for gays to be subjected to…but not pedophiles….at least until we change our minds like the group of shreaking women we are.

  2. Here’s something tweetable that provokes reflection:

    “We have only enough religion to hate, and not enough religion to love one another.”
    Jonathan Swift, Church of Ireland cathedral dean

  3. At the NOM rally in DC a pastor is calling for all gays to be killed. This is Christianity? This is America?


    • Meanwhile, in american public school an elementary boy at lunch is suspended for pretending a banana is a gun, while down the hall girls are shown how to properly install condoms…..on a banana.

      Liberal america is hell.

      • So this just in, and not surprising. Senior andree lampart of nonnewag high school in conneticut discovered the that conservative websites like the nra, state gop, and many related to christianity are blocked from the schools computers….while the state democrat, islamguide, planned parenthood, pro choice, moms for action and newtown action alliance were not.

        Fair and balanced, right libtards? You all love freedom so much you flat out block it? The main humanist website in america regularly boots commentors who are religious.

        We have observed enough to know what you really are despite what you say. You hate freedom, and absolutely need an oppressive socially regulating form of government to protect you from actual reality and natural consequence.

      • Charles Freeman

        Much better than the alternative. Kids bringing guns to school and girls not knowing how babies are caused? Much better than your conservative theocracy!

        • Its not your job to raise someone else’s child. Any perceived responsibility you feel for doing so comes from you hypocritical and bloated sense of self worth. You voluntarily elect to think you should do this because it makes you feel good, feel worthy. And since you have self elected to do this, you love….and I mean love to the point of giddiness, the idea of being in charge and what can and cannot be taught.

          Face it man, you dont like a free society simply cause it will mean no one will be forced to listen to you. You hate real freedom. It scares you.

          • You just said liberal based censorship is better than the alternative. You are the reason 1984 is no longer fiction.

          • The Great God Pan

            “you love….and I mean love to the point of giddiness, the idea of being in charge and what can and cannot be taught.”

            Yet here you are, complaining about what is being taught and wishing your side got to decide.

            I have found that conservatives universally lack any degree of self-awareness. Hypocrisy and projection are just built-in things with you guys. It’s not merely that you do not recognize them in yourselves, but that you actually cannot.

      • Oh hey a call to murder is unimportant, but school silliness (correcaible) is an outrage. And teaching kids to deny science with a ridiculous claim that the earth is only 6000 years old is OK? The right wing persecution complex is truly reaching clinical proportions.

  4. The Great God Pan

    ” [Opponents of gay marriage] say they’re not rallying against anything or anyone. ”

    The Ku Klux Klan says the same thing. Ask them if they’re a hate group and they’ll tell you they’re not. They don’t hate anyone or oppose anyone, according to them. They just support “the white race.”

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