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LONDON (RNS) Leaders of the Shiite community in the United Kingdom, about 5 percent of the total Muslim community, are doing all they can to tone down tension with Sunnis.


  1. that’s Western media his entire purpose is to inflame. They have not just reported newsworthy facts for generations without some bias or opinion or spin.what was once known as propaganda has now become public relations thanks to men like Edward Bernays.

  2. “Asked if he is concerned that the situation would persuade British Muslims with Iraq connections to leave here and fight, al-Khoei, told the BBC: “That level of emotion is quite human when your country is being subjected to such a level of violence.””

    What is an “Iraq connection”? I can understand if persons have family and friends in such places and want to defend them, but wanting to fight for sectarian dominance is another thing completely. Countries like Britain and Australia rightly apply heavy penalties for any resident who (unauthorised) engages in an overseas conflict, regardless of any moral justification for doing so. British Muslims are bound to follow British law first. If they can’t do that, i.e. show obedience to their country, then why should that country accept them as faithful residents/citizens? As I believe is already happening, such citizens should face legal sanctions and such residents should have their return visas cancelled. However the media might conduct itself is no excuse for breaking the law.

  3. “if you present this as a Sunni/Shia issue, you’ll get a lot of people really excited.”

    Facts have a way of annoying delusional people.

  4. I’m iranian shiite and I looking for a way to describe our emam that we all are impatient await for coming him. he is not sun of god he is sun of man that Bible numerats his name several times. Sorry about my sentense structure because l can’t speak very well

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