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(RNS) The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges recently voted to remove Brewton-Parker College in Georgia from membership one year after it placed the school on probation over finances.


  1. “…graduation rate for bachelor’s degrees has gone up by 123 percent…”
    Well, I know we have a problem in the Maths department.

    • 123% just means double an original number plus about one quarter of the original number. Why is that a math problem? Or am I misunderstanding your point?

      • Right … it means they went from graduating 14% of students to 31% of them. I still wouldn’t call that stellar, even if it is something of an improvement.

  2. Ergun Caner did not “stir debate” by his “exaggerated his testimony” He got removed from his post at Liberty University because of his outright lies, According to Liberty University (the liberal tool that it is) making “factual statements that are self-contradictory”. This article reads like “politically correct” speech for conservative Christians.
    Tell it like it is,

    • Re: “Ergun Caner did not ‘stir debate’ by his ‘exaggerated his testimony’ He got removed from his post at Liberty University because of his outright lies …”

      Exactly what I’d been thinking. Sometimes reporters should just say what happened rather than try to sugar-coat it or act as though it’s a matter of interpretation … or difference of opinion … rather than fact. The only people who actually think that all the Caner brothers did was “stir debate,” are the Caner brothers. Everyone else who’s looked at their words and deeds, has decided that they lied.

  3. The very first sentence is in error and should be corrected. Brewton-Parker has not “lost accreditation.” It is still fully accredited until the appeals process is over. The committee voted to remove accreditation based on old financial information but BPC will appeal. Until that time, we are fully accredited. Our administrators and auditors, and advisers from outside sources feel that we can show that we have met all conditions of the probation. I can’t guarantee that will happen but I feel that it will.

    • Thank you for your clarification Dr. Wallace. As a graduate of BPC I pray for the institution’s success.

  4. Then why in the world didn’t the college submit the correct financial info in the first place?

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