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ROME (RNS) Francis' determination to challenge organized crime groups has provoked warnings that he himself could become a mafia target.


  1. The Papal Protector of rapist priests wants to excommunicate hoodlums.
    Too rich and too sad to press.

  2. Chaplain Martin

    Is this Pope the protector of rapist Priests? I really do want a definitive answer. Maybe it’s harder to condemn members of the house whole than those who kill and maim in another circle, the Mafia.
    Max, gee, I just noticed that I typed a comment to your comment without realizing it was you.

    • @Chaplain Martin,

      This Pope is protecting priests and hiding evidence. He is overseeing, aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise and he is harboring Cardinal Bernard Law (among others) – the criminal godfather of the Boston Priest child rape ring – who needs to be handed over to the Boston Police along with all the records regarding all the priests Cardinal Law has moved from parish to parish.

      The smoke and mirrors must end.
      Shame on the Catholic Church and shame on the Pope.