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(RNS) Groups go beyond simple invocations to bind cultural divides with "bridging prayer."


  1. “Groups that cannot build a shared culture find it very difficult to succeed.”

    Agreed. Its the same reason why america is failing.

    One side embraces all things secular. One does not. We can call a truce and split officially and legally and territorially…or we can stick it out, fight among ourselves and let the bankers win. They actually own the system currently. The whole red vs blue war are both losing….or past tense…lost

  2. Unless one considers prayer an expression of human hope and striving, I see no need for prayer. When attempting to bridge differences, people need to search their own resources, their study, their learning, their thoughts, their feelings, and employ all of them with honesty.

    When we work with any others in those ways, above all being honest, everything that is humanly possible can be achieved. There is nothing else. As Ethel Barrymore, the famous star of a famous entertainment family, once announced to a New York audience that would not stop applauding her for more curtain calls, “That’s all there is, there isn’t any more.”

    I dare to revise a claimed saying of Jesus that was no doubt revised many times by scribes over the centuries before it was included in the New Testament canon, “There are these four, faith, hope, charity, and honesty. And the greatest of these is honesty.”

    There can be no faith, there can be no hope, there can be no charity without honesty! Honesty is basic for goodness to be a part of any human endeavor.

  3. Prayer is an insult to human dignity.
    It is a disgrace, a shameful act and full of harm.

    Shame on those who pray. Especially those who do so with children present.