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Meet "The Fastest Nun in the West" and get Pat Robertson's take on Jesus tattoos. All that and more in today's Roundup, where we tell you what's going on and why it matters.


  1. Learning “lutefisk in Latin” is cute, but the Missouri Synod Lutherans are mostly of German extraction. Lutefisk comes from Norway, and the Norwegian Lutherans wound up in the ELCA or some of its tiny break-aways.

  2. I love the RNS digest; it’s a welcome pause in my mornings. But please don’t tell me why each story matters! Trust your readers: if we’re drawn to a smart, savvy bunch like RNS, we’re probably smart enough to figure that out on our own!

  3. Kevin Eckstrom

    Article author

    mjohns, thanks for the background on the various Lutheran tribes. I half wondered that myself, and figured someone from Lutherland would correct me if I was wrong.

    Lin, thanks for the feedback. Truth be told, I was trying to switch things up with a different format to keep things interesting. But if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

  4. Actually, like “why it matters” comments. Context is so important in understanding things.