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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The document said every bishops’ conference opposed “redefining” marriage between one man and one woman or even recognizing same-sex unions, but said the children of gay couples had the right to be baptized.


  1. What is missing here is an adequate and full understanding of the God of scripture. While the culture is frustrated with the church and Christianity, the current approach is to view the issues (gay marriage, divorce, baptism, etc.) from our human perspective and not God’s perspective and in light of his character and intentions. I ask if the average church goer really grasps why God hates divorce, why he made the two sexes, what marriage represents? Do Christians know how these issues come from a perfect and benevolent creator who has a design and intentions for his creation? Do they understand how these issues reflect his character, and that according to his plans we are to reflect that character because we are made in his image? There is a misplaced and heightened concern for the person and not enough of a concern within Christianity for the glory of God as lived out in his people. We are overly sensitive to offending someone of making them feel bad for their choices. Sorry, but choice have consequences. All of life testifies to that principle. But now we are wanting to change the standard because we don’t like the consequences – change the standard and then there are no consequences. How convenient. Now the goal must be to get rid of those who say otherwise in order to remove anything or anyone in society that could bring feelings of regret, shame, or guilt. And those who oppose this are labeled as mean, intolerant, hateful, bigots, or worse.

    It may not be popular in today’s world to hold to an external, scriptural, God-centered standard, and our minority status will only grow – but we will always be here and there will always be a few who will not bow the knee to this false theology.

    • @John,
      “What is missing here is an adequate and full understanding of the God of scripture.”

      There is no such thing. And it will never exist no matter how hard you wish it.

      god is nonsense. Don’t fear the fact. It gets better.

    • Hey John – I’ll get a life as soon as religious people stop shoving Jesus at me everywhere with incoherent nonsense. When you say stuff like:

      “…why he made the two sexes…”

      That is just face-palm baloney.
      Your god also (supposedly) made gay people. And people with two heads, and people with tails, and people with down’s syndrome and people with any number of normal and abnormal features – yet you cannot explain any of this except to claim that there is only one proper way to interpret it through some sort of scripture.

      The Bible is nonsense. All of it.

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