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(RNS) Instead of neat boxes, there's a reddish/blueish tint in attitudes toward faith, family, and government.


  1. Your survey rated me as “solid liberal”. I have many views that some might consider “liberal”. I am, however, deeply Traditional. I am very uncomfortable with many of the views held by “solid liberals”. Traditional values (going back thousands of years) are what make me take up the cause of the afflicted in our society. I am an Orthodox Christian Clergyman. While I cannot accept homosexuality as “normal” it is an even greater sin to discriminate against homosexuality. But just because it is a sin to discriminate against homosexuals does not make homosexuality not sinful. Abortion is the killing of the Image of God and the ones doing the killing wound their soul. I do not see criminalizing of this sin to be a good thing.
    I eshew the cultural wars of the right wing, even though I agree with about a good third of it, because there is a disconnect in the right wing culture wars with that we are created in God’s Image. (Indeed, I don’t understand how they can justify their positions theologically without understanding that we are created in God’s Image. However, if they did that, they could not hold the 2/3rd of views that they claim are “conservative” but, in truth, are radical departures of tradition.