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(RNS) The new aims to mobilize 100,000 faith-based voters -- especially conservative Christians -- to help the party take control of the Senate in this year's midterm elections.


  1. The more the GOP panders to the most extreme members of it base, the more they drive off moderates.

    Pretty soon the GOP will consist of nothing more than a handful of old white men.

  2. I’m really sick and tired of these conservative politicians taking exclusive custody of the “Faith” vote. Jesus would be condemned by today’s GOP as a socialistic liberal illegal alien, and yet they persist in claiming sole possession of the title. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Re: “I’m really sick and tired of these conservative politicians taking exclusive custody of the ‘Faith’ vote.”

      They do it for one simple reason: It works! Believers in this country long ago largely ceded their power to “conservative” Christian politicians. They vote for them reliably and consistently.

      I wonder if this is where the problem lies, and where the solution is, too. Maybe it’s time to remind your fellow believers that they’re voting for the wrong people?

  3. Republican Dominated Senate/Congress and Exec Office 2000-2006 = No Law Outlawing Abortion.

    Evangelicals have seen through the GOP.

    • The problem has always come from when the Evangelicals actually think they are running the GOP. The whole point of wooing them is just for their votes at election time. The leadership of the party has never taken them seriously for anything else. It is simply a way to get poor people to vote against their economic interests. Get them to vote against organized labor, regulation of industries, labor laws, taxation reform, healthcare reform… All in exchange for go nowhere social agendas like anti-abortion, attacks on the 1st Amendment, nowadays gay marriage…

      The typical political agenda of Evangelical’s is so divisive, unpopular (and unconstitutional) that under sane conditions it has zero chance of advancing on anything but local levels. Even then, it creates such backlash that it has little to no staying power. In 2012 Mitt Romney had to play up his fiscal conservative credentials (“I’m rich and powerful, listen to me”) in order not to be swamped by a sea of bible thumping loons in the GOP primaries.

      The relationship is dysfunctional but for Evangelicals, they are happy someone even pretends to take them seriously.

        • Obviously you did. :)

          Keep voting for people who want to reduce you to serfdom because they are “in tight with God”. See if I care.

  4. Re: the headline, “Republicans woo evangelical base …”

    This is news? They’ve only been doing it for 40 years or so … !

  5. My lawsuit with Chad Connelly and the SC GOP for libel and slander should soon be over. Mediation is July 22nd. Any questions, call Attorney Andrew Hart (864) 574-0870

  6. It will be great when the GOP becomes the “Christian Party.”
    Americans will have no choice but to reject it.
    Nothing is more unAmerican than a Theocracy. Even Christians are too smart to fall for that.

    • The Great God Pan

      The GOP has been the Christian Party for as long as I’ve been alive. Far from working to their disadvantage, it’s about the only thing that garners them votes. “God, guns and gays,” as President Obama put it, are the only issues they’ve got.

      • Except that the GOP was also once a party for separation of church and state – as I recall – which was why they made such a big issue of John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism.
        Now the GOP doesn’t mind being the Theocracy Party. And That is what the democrats could crush them with. Theocracy is anathema to most Americans – even the churchgoers.

  7. What’s really indicative of the illiteracy of the vast majority of qualified voters is that they are just as ignorant about religion as they are about politics. Literacy testing for voting is very, very wrong–I guess–but how can we have a humane, functioning government, much less a real democracy, when the voters who hire the government are so illiterate about issues and candidates?

    The present condition of the Republican Party and their cause of a do-nothing Congress, to say nothing of our Catholic-dominated, life-termed Supreme Court that defies our Constitution rather than protecting it, does not make for democracy.

    Add to the problem of illiteracy the laziness of that same electorate in which potential voters do not exercise their right and duty in hiring our government. They hurt themselves. They make our government worse and worse.

    Money must be removed from our elections in the way that it is considered speech. Corporations have never been people, only collections of people who have the right and opportunity to exercise their voting rights individually to hire a government that works for their benefit.

    • @Gilhan,

      And it doesn’t help that our politicians are anti-intellectuals and lousy teachers. They should be using their podiums to speak to the virtues of public service
      instead of berating the concept of government.

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