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(RNS) The militant group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant announced it will now be known as The Islamic State.


  1. There is always a mob in charge. If there was no official government, some group would organize and capture systemic power over citizens just living there lives. If there is a official gov in charge, they are the current mob in charge.

    Whether they define themselves in strict religious terms or not makes no difference to the point. Some organized group always seeks systemic control and power. That is a major flaw in all society.

    If we collectively can ever live and let live, then you will have the ability to live as intended…as a truly free human. But no, someone always has to have power and authority over another.

  2. Watch how quickly the native Sunni militias and former Baathists will turn on ISIS once the fundamentalist terror gets turned inward on the populations they control.

    The Kurdish Peshmerga militia already sent these wannabe Talibanis packing in the North. The (Iran backed) Shia have hemed them in from the south. At best ISIS will create a landlocked craphole state surrounded by enemies, without access to the majority of the region’s oil. The real question is whether a unified Iraq is a worthwhile effort.