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Beyond the cheers and groans, legal experts don't see a slam dunk for all attacks on Obamacare

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Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman specializes in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics. She also writes frequently on biomedical ethics and end-of-life-issues


    • An appalling decision. Sadly it was not really a surprise considering the 5 who supported it are Catholic men. Clearly they didn’t give a f**k about all the women (and their partners) who will be negatively impacted.

        • If they aren’t your unborn children, or in your womb, it’s none of your business. Ever.

          • What a stupid thing to say. Such a statement could justify the murder of children at 3 years old. Larry, you are a baby killer, and history never looks upon those who murder children kindly. Ask Hitler or John Wayne Gacy

          • No, stupid is equating a fetus with a born child. There are major major differences between the two you will never consider.

            Stupid is also thinking that taking alleged moral high ground negates a right to privacy.

            They aren’t children until they are born or have any possibility to live outside the womb.

            While they are gestating, only the mother’s will keeps it alive. As long as a fetus is entirely dependent on the mother and no other human being on the planet, it is always going to be her choice whether to bring a pregnancy to term.

            If it isn’t your womb, it will never be your business.

  1. Control freaks. Whats happening to our dividing nation? Can we all get along? Wheres Franklin or Lincoln when we need there principle more then ever.

  2. beverly Rickles

    Employers should respect the rights of employees to follow their own personal religious beliefs. Employers should a llow people the dignity to think for themselves.

  3. You can bet they don’t deny vasectomies or Viagra, funded by their companys insurance. Men have the right to sex without consequence, anytime. Women must remain celibate or tied to the bedpost if they cannot afford birth control (which is not cheap out of pocket). We don’t have that right, we’re just women, and should just get back in the kitchen and wait to be told what our opinion of this situation is.

    • They are, dummy.

      Health benefits are compensation for work rendered.
      The whole “they shouldn’t have to pay for it” argument was so blistetingly ignorant. No concept as to how insurance works. An argument from stupidity.

  4. This was a sane ruling, but not sweeping enough.

    The fact is, this has nothing to do with businesses having religion, it is about the OWNERS having religion, and asserting that religious people are allowed under the constitution to engage in commerce.

    Note, the Constitution mentions religious freedom. NEVER mentioned killing babies as a right.

    And yes, businesses should be able to refuse service to homosexuals, nudists, or anyone they find disagreeable. Heck, even if the person just looks at them the wrong way. That’s called freedom.
    There is no imposition because NONE of Hobby Lobby’s employees are mandated to work there. They are fully entitled to quit tomorrow if they want to, and go and work at an abortion clinic.

    Liberty won in this case. Its not common anymore, but this time the fascist thugs of the left were slapped down.

    • They aren’t babies until they are born.

      Your religion does not grant you the right to discriminate in open commerce or be a law unto yourself.

      Hobby Lobby is a corporation. It is not a natural person. Imputing religious beliefs to it was beyond stupid. Steve Green didn’t sue the government his legal fictionally entity created by filing with the Department of State of Oklahoma did.

  5. The histrionics of feminists re this issue are proof positive that their days are numbered. I do not want to be forced to pay for a woman’s sexual adventures. God help my country.

    • And there you have it. The blatantly discriminatory attitude towards women. That somehow your alleged moral stance is more important than a right to privacy. Being a Christian seems to entitle people to make decisions for everyone else because they naturally know better. The level of delusional arrogance coming off you guys is ridiculous.

      Anyone’s “adventures” are not any of your business and certainly not your employer’s.