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(RNS) In July 1776, 56 brave men signed a Declaration of Independence and pledged everything -- their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" -- to freedom and democracy. They set aside “I” and paid dearly for it.


  1. I was with you up until the last two paragraphs.

    See, freedom is a two way street. You seem to not understand that.

  2. You mean the “i’s” of I deserve to be married to someone of the same sex even though marriage is man plus woman? The “I’s” of I deserve to have someone else pay for my birth control? Those “i’s”?

  3. You had me too until the next to the last paragraph. To say that Christianity blocks democracy is a blatant over simplification. Given your credentials as both a writer and an Episcopal priest you should know better. That’s some forms of Christianity do block democracy is not debatable… But that Christianity in general does is foolish. Sad to say but it only takes one badly communicated thought for people to miss the point of your article.

  4. Christianity is a broad brush to paint with; so many denominations. Some forms of Christianity do impede democracy; but what does democracy have to do with the will of God? The Bible states in Genesis that God allowed Eve to take the fruit and eat freely; bad choice? Yes! America has the freedom to choose and people are dying to get here for that reason. Great article Tom and right on! Choose wisely with whatever experience you have your life depends on it!
    1Th 4:3 For the purpose of God for you is this: that you may be holy, and may keep yourselves from the desires of the flesh;

  5. “Progressive” protestantism simply wants to use government for its own agenda, the same as the Fundiegelicals.
    Time for all the churches to lose their tax breaks and housing allowances; why should the rest of us subsidize what we don’t belong to?