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PARIS (RNS) Besides France, Belgium has also adopted the veil ban, as have parts of Switzerland, Spain and Italy.


  1. In the name of public security, face veils must be removed.

    In the name of public security, the department of the “homeland” was created in america.

    In the name of public security, all guns must be confiscated from everyone.

    In the name of public security, you must submit to local peace officers using military grade equipment on your streets.

    In the name of public security, I must ask you to strip, hand over your cell phone and submit to 24 hour electronic surveillance.

    Government exists to secure the public safety. But isn’t the reason “extremists” are fighting us a result of oppressive government in the first place?

    • The Great God Pan

      In the West, hiding one’s face in public is considered sinister. It suggests one does not want to be identified. It’s for Klansmen and bank robbers.

      If Westerners traveling or living in Muslim countries are expected to know and follow the local cultural restrictions, why are Muslims in Western countries not expected to do the same? Why does “respect” always seem to be a one-way street?

      • Well said. There’s a lot of knee jerk reactions from the extremely liberal left which seems to fail to understand that freedom is also about responsibility and participation: if individuals come to live in the West, they have to be willing to respect our values and customs. This is great part an issue of incompatibility between very different cultures. The French have a right to say no to a custom which is incompatible with western democratic values that do not support the oppression of women and the hiding of one’s identity.

        • Since when is not covering your face a democratic American value? That’s the first I have ever heard of it. This is rather obvious but if it were an American value then the issue would have come up over here and been brought to the courts long ago.

    • The Great God Pan

      Sorry, that was intended to be a general comment, not a reply to our resident Alex Jones acolyte.

  2. Would this pass muster under the American 1st Amendment?

    Not even close.

    Under that same law that Hobby Lobby abused like a redheaded stepchild, RFRA, a general ban would hardy qualify as the least restrictive means to meet a government interest.

    That being said, in situations where security and identification is important: airports, courthouses, at the DMV or buying a firearm, restrictions on face obscuring garments is more than reasonable.

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