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(RNS) A federal judge has approved a settlement in a 14-year legal battle over government funding of Baptist homes for children in Kentucky.


  1. Being a lesbian shouldn’t determine weather u r a christian or not u can still have faith in god an jesus. They r the only judges to determine how they see fit someone lifestyle. Any man or woman that judges her is a complete hypocrit an not a true christian themselves Jesus said follow me. People need to start seeing beyond weather a person should be gay or straight god will determine what is right or wrong when its your time to see him he looks at u as one of his children an reads your book of life then decides what your fate is w him. I’m in a situation crisis I’ve asked over 25 different churches to help me an every one had a excuse so does that make them a bogus church god has put them out there to help a fellow man in need so I guess these churches that want help a person in need is no different a person being gay or straight even those churches will be judged by god