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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis is sending a cardinal and a bishop to Paraguay to investigate the activities of a priest previously accused of sex abuse in Pennsylvania, the Rev. Carlos Urrutigoity.


  1. Again. Despicable.

    Some wonderful men became priests.
    But if they bothered to think about what they are doing
    to society they would quit:

    5 reasons to NOT trust a priest.

    P – Pedophile; preying on the innocent.
    R – Rapist; of children and/or their minds.
    I – Ignorant; at war against all critical thinking.
    E – Evil; forgives all immoral and evil behavior.
    T – Theocrat; demands obedience to a truckload of nonsense.

    7 excellent reasons to trust an Atheist:

    A – Aware of reality
    T – Thinking
    H – Humanitarian; Humans matter, not imaginary gods.
    E – Evidence
    I – Inclusive
    S – Socratic and Scientific
    T – Truth

  2. is there an International Website for Church Child Molesters ? There Should Be ! That Way People Would Know Ahead Of time & would be able to Avoid their Church’s. If the Punisment is not being Dealt with severe enough, then the People would be able to recognize, these people & their Crimes against Children & Others Hopefully before it Happens !