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(RNS) Observers remain divided over just how broadly Monday's Supreme Court decision in the case brought by crafts retailer Hobby Lobby and cabinet maker Conestoga Wood Specialties should be read and whether it could also apply to businesses that aren't closely held.


  1. Thankfully, the ruling will allow a minority of christians to remain seperate from the reproductive choices of their employees, and will help these christians keep a clear moral conscience.

    • And make decisions for everybody else. Being a christian means never respecting the rights and privacy of others, rule of law and having no moral conscience whatsoever. There is no moral high ground in coercing others to accept your view. There is no rational or sane argument against contraception. It is not your religious liberty to dictate what others can do.

      Christians have no respect for religious liberty or even their own faith. They are willing to pretend a pile of government filings has the same beliefs as live people.

        • @William,

          Dear KING WILLIAM,
          – I beseech you, my liege, to allow my daughter to have her ‘optional’ treatment for her Endometriosis. This drug is strongly recommended by her doctor but clearly it is YOU – as her boss and wise master who would assert this authority over us.
          So I beseech you to allow it – I shall petition the Lord with 30 farthings if you would permit this so as it is the only way for her to avoid the requirement of a hysterectomy.

          By the way….William – How dare you, YOU TYRANT?!
          Contempt, disgust and bitterness is all I have for your monarchy.
          For those who would stand between a woman and her doctor.

          Really. How dare you? You Christians claim that you are not pushing your Christianity on anyone and that your “love” is so benign.

          This Ignorant, cancerous, vile BS of Religion must be abandoned.
          These disgusting assertions put you in charge of everyone!

          How dare you?

        • Since when can a corporation be a Christian?

          Is there a baptism performed at the local Department of State?

  2. If this can be applied in much broader terms in what’s to keep companies from the NYY these services to simply save on insurance premiums? Anybody out there got a good answer?

  3. Christian = Love Jesus or it will be death to everyone!


    Various interpretations of the Luke 19, The Parable of the Minas:

    “I’ll kill you if you don’t obey me” – Jesus
    “My way or the highway” – Jesus
    “Do it my way or I kill you” – Jesus
    “Follow me or I will kill you” – Jesus
    “Here are my rules, there are no other rules” – Jesus
    “I am to be worshipped or I will kill YOU!” – Jesus
    “I’m giving you an offer you can’t refuse” – Jesus
    “Free will, accept it or I will kill you.” – Jesus

    Add your own.