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WASHINGTON (RNS) The Leonine Forum serves up conversations and lectures, along with drinks and dinner, to the future Catholic elite in America, many of them in their 20s, and eager for a more intellectual grounding in their faith's teachings.


  1. I dunno. Everybody seems to be doing this. The jews have for generations. Creating a policy and “education” wing complete with its own research team, data analysis services, propoganda and outreach programs. All in an attempt to sway public opinion. I think its all proof that the crossroads of the secular and religious societies we live can all be made to believe or disbelieve a idea…equally. Left or right, conservative or liberal, secular or religious all are leaning heavily on a giant state gov or the continuous existence if one with its abnormal power over people to win influence over thr citizens minds with these special interest/propaganda groups.

    So welcome the Catholics to the show. They areone of many. And you can only be certain that all these groups will not leave you in peace.

  2. “My friend Scalia”….. How many of the Catholics on the Supreme Court are members of Opus Dei? Certainly would fulfill their purpose of enrolling the Elites for the O.D. influence to trickle down thru U.S. Govt. and policies.

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