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(RNS) The newest Gallup poll finds most Christians don’t approve of President Obama and most Muslims do.


  1. Focusing on relative “like” for a pres is a little tabloid-ish.

    To me what matters is protecting freedom from gov be it secular or religious. I’m always amazed at how people have a mental seperation between their personal lives and “politics”. Since govs have a supernatural power not found in natural society, what is merely “political” is no small matter. It is of supreme importance and will have an effect on your life. Using the terminology like “my political stance” is a little disingenuous as that view will effect your life or the life of someone around you, which is supremely important.

    • This government and most modern governments have grown centuries beyond any notion that “gobs have a supernatural power.” That idea is medieval to say the least.

      As long as people do not always respect that others share the same rights naturally, we must have rules, laws. As long as we must have laws, we must have government. We cannot live civilly without it. This is not the Garden of Paradise. Eve has bit the metaphorical apple!

      Government, admitted or not, has always evolved from the people. The smaller the number who have squandered the most wealth, as we are witnessing in our country now, the less the possibility there is to have “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The less chance there is for “democracy” which is the same thing.

      We had royalty in the past, we have oligarchy now in this country. We have never had democracy. Constitutional slavery is not democracy. Constitutionally forbidding women the right to vote is not democracy. A lack of equal civil rights is not democracy. “Stand your ground laws” that permit anyone to assassinate anyone else on the streets is not democracy.

      That squandering of wealth and the loss of democracy is due to the masses being too lazy to study, learn, and think about their own welfare, to even participate in the voting process, to allow any governments to suppress the right to vote in any way. Corrupt politicians make corrupt government, but lazy and illiterate people hire and rehire those corrupt politicians.

      Once you have corrupt politicians, especially life-tenured federal judges, you get decisions from the Supreme Court of those judges that money is speech, that corporations are people, and that the health remuneration for a person’s employment might be conditioned by the religious beliefs of the owners of the business.

      Throughout its history, religion has practiced evil as much as any good or justice. That is why religion and government are such a poisonous mixture. We must still struggle for democracy in this country. Demanding that everyone in our government agencies practice justice for the good of all and leave the rest of their religious beliefs at home and in their churches is vital.

      • Slavery may not be a democracy to you, but it has never been a sin. The sin of slavery, according to the Bible, is mistreating slaves.

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        • If you believe that slavery is not a sin according to your religion you might want to consider atheism as it is based on moral reasoning and logic .Just a thought.

        • If you thought that was a ringing endorsement for following the Bible, you are very much mistaken.

  2. This shows the awful disregard for history, our Constitution, and for religious and civil life. History has displayed the evil that always results when religion and government are combined in any way. The framers of our Constitution knew their history well and that is why the very first clause of the very First Amendment to our Constitution, defining the rights of the people, orders a separation of church and state.

    We disregard that history and our Constitution at our peril. That perilous threat is very evident once again, as in our “Know-Nothing” past, as all three branches of our government, legislature, executive, and judiciary, defy that separation more and more.

    The defiance of our Supreme Court in its latest decision, formulated by its five-Catholic majority, allowing the owners of Hobby Lobby to force their religious convictions onto all of their employees and the employees of similar businesses, intervening in their medical rights, is one of the most recent and atrocious examples.

  3. Chaplain Martin

    I have longed had a bumper sticker on my truck that reads: “Separation of Church and State is Good for both”. Look at the history of our nation and you will see how this has proved true but little by little the entanglement has taken place. In our nations early history men and women were denied their freedom and some their lives to challenge the State churches that existed in some of the colonies so they could freely practice their faith. Churches would often not display the flag of the United States in their Sanctuaries as an outward symbolic act of separation of Church and State.
    Now it seems that entire denominations have sold their souls to the Republican Party. U. S. Christianity, at least appears, to be looking to the government for salvation instead of God.

  4. Obama’s own messed-up mess is the reason for his lower ratings. This guy has brought America down by several notches.
    Russia’s president Putin has showed 50 times more leadership than Obama.

    Americans are beginning to understand (but still don’t want to publicly admit) that they have genuinely endangered the future of this nation by voting for this closet-atheist socialist bum.

  5. Obama is a terrible leader. That’s why people think the way they do. Anyone with any intelligence can see this.

    • I feel Obama did wonders best president because of his color .it show all race can become president because of this different race will feel they are part of America every one will try harder.also let get together to stop mafia, crime lords, drug cartel if 1-5%help we can put and end to them why respect bad people
      keep it legal.

  6. I do not belong to any political party and never had because I am a theocrat or supporter of God’s kingdom or heavenly government as the only hope for mankind.

    God has allowed man to be governed by all types of governments through time, but according to Bible prophecy, God’s kingdom will soon put an end to and replace man’s governments.

    It is evident that political, economical and religious systems in the world are corrupt, selfish, greedy, enamored with wars, and do not provide righteous, just and wise rulership, security and peace to the masses.

    That is why: “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed, and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break to pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” (Daniel 2:44)

    Extraordinary rulership will be provided by that heavenly government (with Jesus as King) along with great blessings for all nations on earth (Isaiah 11:1-10; Revelation 21:1-4).