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CANTERBURY, England (RNS) The first woman bishop could be named by the end of the year with the appointment of at least three additional women sometime in 2015. In parts of Africa, it may take longer.


  1. church of England may approve of women bishops and pastors homosexuality and abortion ,,yet God does not approve of such things.

    so whos is your God? the church of England or Jesus?

    • Jesus is the son of God and when he was tempted by Satan to bow down and worship Satan in exchange of all the kingdoms of the world, Jesus said:

      “Then saith Jesus to him, “Get thee hence, Satan, for it is written: Thou shalt worship The Lord thy God, and him ONLY thou shalt worship” (Matthew 4:10).

      Also, Jesus gave us the model prayer to God and it is addressed only to our Heavenly Father, the Father of Jesus, and not to his son, Jesus (Matthew 6:9-13).

      However, our prayers should be directed to Almighty God through his son, Christ Jesus, since he is the mediator between imperfect mankind and perfect God (1 Timothy 2:5).

      Our worship should then be directed to Almighty God, whose name is Yahweh or Jehovah (Psalms 83:18, King James Version).

      • Fran: “Pray” tell. What does all you write have to do with women? After all, if you consider Jesus to be the “Son of God,” don’t forget that he was born of a woman.

        We must leap forward from the scriptural mythology composed by men long, long before even the so-called Dark Ages.

        • Gilchan, I was responding to Rob’s question regarding who should be our God, a church or Jesus.

          An answer was provided to him through Scriptures in the Bible.

          Jesus was required to be born of a woman in order to be a human, and he needed to be a human to be a perfect ransom sacrifice for imperfect mankind.

    • You might not approve of tolerance and equality but that doesn’t mean God approves of your sexism.

  2. its not the size of the giants one faces be it wrong teachings by the church of England or some other goliath its all about the size of our God.

    • Rob: I presume, because you claim to be so authoritative in measuring God that you ought to be able to be more precise about “the size of God.”

    • Agreed.

      Funny thought how you did not submit this logic to the articles about the mormon lady lobbiest who was excommunicated.

      • Because I could care less about what goes on inside any given church and how they treat its members. So I never bothered to chime in on those posts.

        In fact I even questioned the sanity of any feminist or gay person to continue being members of such a church when their leadership and rank & file are so clearly and overtly hostile to them.

  3. This is a sign of honesty and wisdom, a true cause of joy for any who claim to be followers of Jesus these millennia later. It’s a latter day, but one must ask, why not bishops if priests. And now we must ask the same questions of the Catholic leadership–and the people in the pews ought to be included in those questions and answers–why not start showing respect for sex and marriage, why not start respecting women?

    Men only and a distortion of the purpose of celibacy after 1,000 years demands correction.

  4. The Bible says that men lead and women follow, both in the church and at home. Nothing good can come of ignoring God’s plan for an orderly society. However, there are no Christians left in Socialist Atheist England so it’s all a formality anyway.