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VATICAN CITY (RNS) "Many of my advisers who are fighting it with me are giving me reliable data that estimates pedophilia inside the church at a level of 2 percent,” Pope Francis was quoted as saying.


  1. Archbishop Tomasi, the Vatican ambassador to the United Nations was totally wrong in his claim that “the church had paid $2.5 billion in compensation to victims of clerical abuse in the U.S. alone.”

    The people in the pews pay all the bills of the church, the clergy are only the money machines into which those people in the pews place their money.

    The children sexually abused by clergy belonged to those same people in the pews who provided the money to be paid to their kids and to them for that abuse. That was very little of what was even court-awarded, Churchmen like Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, when he was archbishop of Milwaukee, WI, and numerous other bishops played all kinds of deceitful, immoral, unethical tricks to hide diocesan funds–the people’s money–so it could not be used for those court awards.

    This should make everyone’s eyebrows raise very high. And they should never close again, at least not until required celibacy is ended, women are ordained, and the people in the pews have full participation in all matters concerning their church. After all, they are “The People of God.”

  2. The real issue is that no action has been taken against any of the known Cardinals, senior clergy and religious in many nations who have covered up the abuse of children and the vulnerable.
    This pope is another non doer and fits in with the previous leaders who actively embraced such pedophiles. There are many pictures of a recent ‘saint’ of this church embracing and defending one of these pedophiles.
    Lots of words and no action.
    People need to stay clear of this institution and its many and various leaders. Many of their schools are also suspect in the so called care for children plans.