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(RNS) "Though Lord Ganesha merchandise is popular within the market we understand the sensitivities certain items may carry," the company said in a statement on Monday.


  1. At first, I was glad that Hindu’s were able to get changed what many of them felt was offensive. On second thought, however, I’m reminded that all people deserve respect – but not all ideas. Ideas are not people any more than corporations are people. Ideas do not automatically gain respect. Free speech is impossible if any single idea is declared off limits to discussion, to criticism, or even to bedcovers. If you don’t want to have Ganesh on your bed, then don’t buy it. To ban a product like this is little different from the oppressive and backwards blasphemy laws still on the books in many places. In this situation, it was not a law but their own private choice to pull the item – nonetheless, I hope the many laws privileging some ideas over others soon are removed. I hope our free speech is protected.

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