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(RNS) The Secular Coalition for America wants anyone upset by the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling last month to knit or crochet rectangles, or “bricks,” to shore up what the coalition sees as the crumbling wall of separation between church and state.


  1. So cute, the socialist zealots and godless humaniods turn to crafts to express their rage! At least its a constructive and aesthetically pleasing. Make lots if pretty bricks with lace and doilies each time you cannot make religion participate in your personal choices. Soon you’ll have enough to build a wall of glam around yourselves. I know you like the idea.

    • Not one “sheeple” or “asleep”. Dammit I had almost every bingo square filled with your rant!

      Anyone who supports the Hobby Lobby decision and is not self-employed, or a civil servant, is a blithering idiot. Even if you run a corporation and support it you would be a fool.

      It means you support a corporate head treating you as property for use in his personal religious rites. It means you are so venal and dismissive of religious faith that you can assign it to a pile of filings with a local Department of State. It means you whatever protections you have to your personal assets by incorporation don’t mean anything.

      • I was mocking. Not ranting.

        So don’t be disappointed. We will fill up the card soon enough. Humanity is not nearly done with it absence of logic or morals.

        • You can’t disappoint me because I have no expectations that you are capable of a rational discussion. :)

  2. I see two activists in the pictures. I doubt either work at HL or are in any way personally effected by the ruling.

    So if they knit 600 blocks each, they can make it look like 1200 people think enough of thr matter to care.

    Or, they could just save the effort and their fingers and realize the honest solution actual HL workers already knoe. Buy their own darn contraceptives with the money they get from their jobs. Keep the decision to themselves and keep that freedom and the responsability.

    • CarrotCakeMan

      Thanks for telling everyone how frightened you are that Americans are speaking out against the outrageous Supreme Court ruling, Lies.

        • Cupcakes&Unicorns

          Deal with it? If your employer decided that all male employees must have a vasectomy, how would you “deal with it”?

          That’s right, running to mommy… Whom, by the way, isn’t allowed to choose according to our government.

          • No one is stopping anyone from choosing anything. The level of ignorance around this issue is astounding.

    • “realize the honest solution actual HL workers already knoe”

      Repeal the RFRA.

      “Buy their own darn contraceptives with the money they get from their jobs.”

      Which they were trying to do using their medical benefits. Which is compensation for work performed at their jobs.

      Lles why do you have to lie to get your point across?

      • CarrotCakeMan

        You don’t really expect Lies to admit openly he’s trying to overthrow the United States Constitution and set up his minister as the Dictator, do you, Larry?

      • Buy private insurance that provides the preferred method of death delivery to your conveniently termed fetus. Demanding a christian do it for you is just wierd.

        • Why buy something extra one when is entitled to by the terms of employment and insurance law?

          “Demanding a christian do it for you is just wierd.”

          Calling a corporation Christian is just stupid. But there you go.

          Somehow a pile of state government filings is somehow Christian. You really have no respect for the Christian faith if you can assign it willy nilly to things which are described as legal fictions.

          What is next baptizing your toaster?

          • The Green family own the company. Its their personal asset. So…they get to decide what plans the asset can afford. Employees do not and are free to choose employment elsewhere. If they don’t like it, they can work somewhere else. Bottom line…capitalism has worked for a very long time where the interests of the owners of the asset determine its management. If you want employees to do that cause you need to defend their right to be promiscuous….well, maybe your a closet socialist and sex obsessed. I dunno.

        • Well, at least your ignorance is total. You don’t understand how far a Supreme Court decision can reach or how the HL-prohibited contraceptives work. (Here’s a hint: if you think it’s killing a fetus, you should do more research)

          • It’s killing human life plain and simple. I guess you are gonna debate what the word “is” means now.

          • @Frank,

            You are opposed to killing human life?
            But Christian, why start now?

            “Execute them” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)

          • @Joe Mac,


            Women will die of endometrial illnesses because a simple medicine was available but forbidden because of somebody ELSE’S religion.
            YES! in AMERICA!

            Christians will screech “serves those women right”!
            But the same Christians won’t understand that endometrial disease is not abortion and the poor women will die for no good reason.

            If we cannot stop the relentless Christian Fascist Taliban
            by arguing for sanity and reason
            We must confront the foolishness
            of religion at its most basic level.

            It is foolish and destructive to civilization to believe in:

            Jesus miracles
            The Bible,
            The resurrection,
            Any God claims

            We are in danger of losing every freedom in America
            for the sake of a few rich Christians who can afford to take over the government – and that is what they are working towards.

            Beware the Christian Oligarchy.

  3. “crumbling wall of separation between church and state.”

    Give them their due, They sure have a keen sense of humour

    • Jamie Townsend

      Yup…Another Atheist here.
      And yes the wall is crumbling. I don’t find it humorous at all and if you knew some history you might not like it much either. Do you really want us to push our humanism on you? Then We could outlaw Christian stuff in the name of our religion and you would not be able to do anything to stop us except have a war. Is separation of church and state really what you want? really?
      are you even listening? dumb ideas tend to rise up.

      • Jamie Townsend

        Of course Atheism isn’t a religion but “humanism’ could be made into a religion (I would not support it) but my point is to say the wall of separation should be respected for all people.

  4. Larry, your grasp of constitutional precepts as envisaged by the founders is minimal at best. Your arguments are always full of logical fallacies, and as for ‘rational,’ your rants are the most irrational I’ve ever seen, typically on on the level of ‘Liar ,Liar, pants on fire.’ In fact, every time you open your mouth you subtract from the sum of human knowledge.

    • Your opinion is worthless unless you can show that you have a compelling counter argument. Obviously you do not, hence the personal attack.

      Fact of the matter is, lying is a standard method employed by fundamentalists. Not enough people. Call them out on it.

      • Your counter arguments are never compelling, facts and logic are a total waste of time with you, so there’s no point in resorting to them, plus personal invective is your stock in in trade, what comes around goes around, basically I’m just laughing at you, so I will continue to mock you for the fun of it, your best defense would be to ignore me, maybe I’ll go away.

        • So you are just flinging poo for its own sake like a diuretic chimpanzee. No details as to the alleged flaws in my statements or correcting any misapprehension of fact I might have made. So do you have a point to make on the subject? Obviously not.

    • Jamie Townsend

      Hi Doggy-nees
      “constitutional precepts”?….um…..”as envisaged by the founders”..
      You know the constitution is atheist as in (godless) right?

  5. You do not understand what incorporation is for. It is separate and apart frm Mr. Green’s personal interests and liabilities. At will employment is not an excuse for avoiding compliance with labor laws. A corporation cannot have religious belief, a company is not its owner.
    If he sels hobby lobby, it does not require a priest to convert it to a new faith.

    Gaming the system for personal aggrandizement with no financial motive is not capitalism. You have no idea what socialism is.

    You are an ignorant fool. I am not the one trying to controll the actions of female reproduction.

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