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(RNS) Ten years after designer Roberto Cavalli received harsh criticism for putting Hindu gods on an underwear and swimsuit line, he is at it again. This time the backlash is for the use of a Sufi school's sacred symbol on the "Just Cavalli" clothing line.


  1. As long as they are not a group of american christians, their demands will be met.

    But if its a cross that is in question, we will suspend it in an acrylic box of urine and put it in a art museum. See relabling it art means you can’t be offended by it.

  2. You are entirely correct with that statement. This has been all sorts of desecrations related to Christianity of recent vintage, and there is little response to protests. Jesus is regularly mocked and derided in what claims to be art and what claims to be theater. However, do not try these desecrations with other groups because they will scream, and they will be responded to

  3. Sufi’s are peaceful&God loving people that don’t wish harm to anyone. it seems like Cavalli did the same thing in 2004 to Hindus by using their faith symbol on his bikini line. Someone needs to ask Mr Cavalli as a fashion designer isn’t it better to be original & create his own logos instead of hurting so many people ..

    • Yet you would not say boo to someone who wanted to desecrate the Christian relgion. Why do you think that is?

  4. This is clearly a copyright issue and you would think that a major corporate company such as Cavalli would be more careful in their selection of anything related to their fashion lines….I say good for the Sufis to stand up for their right!!!

  5. well done to the Sufis for standing up for what they believe in. I can see the similarities in the logos and I know from what I read that in Sufism everything has a meaning so for cavalla to copy this logo it has obviously upset many Sufis that know the meaning behind it. I support u #takeoffjustlogo

  6. Looks like the issue is not just fashion, it’s the fact that Cavalli is calling the logo a snake bite is causing these protests. Perception is everything. Look what happened to the swastika…

  7. Roberto Cavali’s Logo is definitely an imitation and should be changed completely so Sufi students can have a sacred symbol which is not confusing by new Sufi muslim students who are looking for deep knowledge and understanding of God. Roberto Cavalli’s conduct is an insult to my believe and sacred symbol. Do you see my point?

  8. I am really angry at this new cavali mess up i will definitely not be buying his products again this is a total outrage and must be stopped please let me know how i can get involved, mr cavali i hope these sufis crush you !!!!!!!

  9. The Sufis are peacefull people. They were not until recently in the mass media; now they are there in the streats and in the media. That means something is really going wrong with what Roberto Cavalli has done. I wish they will win their cause.

  10. cavali only is un old man that can,t hear and see anything is coming around the world WE ARE SORRY for him and sorry for DESIGNER GROUPS that are quiete for his BAD WORKS.

  11. I’m a Christian. A person that i hold dear to my heart is affected by this. No matter your religion, it should be respected by others, and you should respect other’s religious beliefs. This “designer” clearly has no respect for others. Why can’t he design his own design and stop stealing a sacred symbol, rotating it, and calling it his own?

  12. Charles Freeman

    Over a half century ago I learned the “the word is not the thing” ( SI Hayakawa), or, in other words, the symbol is not the concept, belief, understanding, behavior, etc. Since then, I have experienced one religious group after another claiming privelege and discriminatory practices. I’m sick of these false practices that are intended to hide the excesses of religious privelege.

  1. […] A Muslim Sufi order have taken to the streets and social media in its fight to convince designer Roberto Cavalli to remove a logo from its “Just Cavalli” clothing and fragrance line. M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi allege the logo closely resembles their own 150-year-old religious emblem, which spells out “Allah” and “Ali”. The order has more than 500,000 followers worldwide. Their campaign on social media uses the hashtag #TakeOffJustLogo. […]