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WASHINGTON -- The timing of the notice came after the Senate failed Wednesday to pass Democratic legislation that would have reversed the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision on the contraception mandate.


  1. Like I said before…being offended by the idea that you cannot force your christian employers to fund a program to support your abortist choices is just wierd.

    No one is saying you can’t abort. You still have that freedom to choose to end the development of your fetus growth. You just cannot force funds from a privately held asset (the business) to be dispursed for your personal choice to do so.

    • Like I said, calling corporations Christians is just weird and remarkably reductive of religious belief. Evidently being a Christian means almost nothing if you can just assign it to a pile of state government filings. So much for “closely held beliefs”.

      “You just cannot force funds from a privately held asset (the business) to be dispursed for your personal choice to do so.”

      You don’t understand how insurance works. What a surprise.

      It is a government regulated business that is supposed to protect the privacy of its insured from the inquiries and direct control of those outside of its policies. An employer is not supposed to have any input as to what kind of medical treatment is available to employees beyond paying for set plans which meet government set minimum requirements

    • You sadly do not understand what makes up a compensation package for work done. It has nothing to do with religion. It has all to do with work performed and the compensation earned for that labor.

      This is no different than the reality of the slave quality of our minimum wage that Republicans, the party of the wealthy, refuse to consider raising, just as they refuse to consider properly increasing the tax rate on the thieving wealthy.

  2. What good is any law when anyone is allowed to ignore it by forcing others to live according to the religious beliefs of those who wish to exempt themselves from the law on religious grounds? If they do not wish to follow the conditions of the law because it offends their religious beliefs, fine, but no one, private business owners or anyone else, has a right according to the First Amendment to our Constitution to force anyone else to live by their religious dictates. The only exemption would be if those religious dictates happen to be the same as laws properly legislated by Congress, signed by a President, and not properly countermanded by a Supreme Court.

    The Green family owners of Hobby Lobby, and others like them, are only seeking exemption that allows them to reduce the compensation package to their workers because reduced compensation for work done will increase the bottom-line of profits and wealth for the Greens. It is no different than the minimum slave wages they and other Republican legislators refuse to increase. It is no different than the Republican Party’s refusal to increase the tax rate on the super wealthy who became wealthy by ripping off real workers in this country from the very start. Slavery has not ended!