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Yes, a New York luxury condo building will have a separate door for lower income folks. Mark Driscoll is back on Twitter, sorta. Tom Petty has a protest song about clergy sex abuse. And in a New York diocese, lay people can no longer preach.

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David Gibson

David Gibson

David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS and an award-winning religion journalist, author and filmmaker. He has written several books on Catholic topics. His latest book is on biblical artifacts: "Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery," which was also the basis of a popular CNN series.


  1. The Southern Baptists had the highest divorce rate – and presumably adultery rate – way before there were social media. There are many instances of approved infidelity in the Bible. The fundamentalist Family in DC has used the example of David to let the powerful know that they have a special exemption form the fidelity thing.

    But, just in case, perhaps Baptists churches should start forbidding the internet and stop using it too.

    • Eric Kuykendall

      There is a whole lot of generalizations in this post.
      Sentence one: can you back that up?
      Sentence two: “many”? Another broad generalization
      Sentence three: who are you talking about and is there a source?
      Sentence four: dumb, worthless conclusion

  2. Three cheers for Tom petty. All those complicit bishops let off the hook with a little tap on the knuckles and a wink.

  3. It would be nice if the pope came to NYC and visited the low incomes in that luxury condo through the poor door. Maybe Cardinal Dolan could do so. But at least NYC is requiring low income residence when developers seek to build luxury buildings.

    • This is a horrible situation to see the senseless loss of life for both sides. However, this conflict would stop immediately if Hamas would talk & stop firing missiles/rockets into Israel. Please take time to educate yourself concerning Hamas’ documented purpose and intent for Israel. I’m ashamed and It’s beyond comprehension people would condemn an individual or country for simply defending itself. I

      • I think its obvious they are not just defending themselves.

        By the casualty metrics so far, hamas is a far superior “pinpoint” war machine than the idf,which was the idfs original claim going into this operation protective edge.

        Besides, we pay for their iron dome system that successfully knows the bottle rockets out of the sky.

        I don’t think they should be lobbing the rockers into israel. Its wrong. But they are treated horribly. I have to ask myself at what point is fighting back justified? You cannot reasonably expect a person to be massively and purposefully oppressed for long before they fight back.

        And guess who initiated the gaza blockade? Its a scenario where Israel is claiming they need to defend themselves (kill thousands) because the victim finally fought back.

        I am still ashamed of america and the christians here for any assistance we give israel.

    • Ashamed? For years Hamas has been bombing Israel. The hatred the middle east has for Israel is off the chars, tell me, what choice does Israel have but to fight back these murderous thugs?

  4. I assume that when you said “an eye for an eye would be an improvement,” you meant that it’s somehow unfair that only 30 Israelis have been killed, not that you want another 570 dead to “improve” the score. And yes, I know that the Roundup is meant to be tongue in cheek. But I don’t assume – I conclude – that you take the view that one of the Torah’s most important ethical statements is immoral. An eye for an eye simply means that retribution must be just. We can argue forever about whether Israel is doing the right thing in Gaza, but it’s not a numbers game.

  5. David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Article author

    Mr. Abuita: No, your assumption is off. I think the loss of life is terrible, whoever they are, and yes, that’s bit of editorial opinion I’ll stand by. I don’t think it’s that off-base, and if it is, well, I’ll take my lumps.

    As for the “eye for an eye” rule, I’d always understood that it was an advance in ethical thinking developed by ancient Judaism and so was in fact a good thing. So I wasn’t disparaging it; on the contrary.

    Jesus in the Gospels of course tried to take it to another level, but that’s a different discussion. And there’s Hillel too.


  6. David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Article author

    Though on further reflection, I have removed the “eye-for-an-eye” reference because it’s true, it’s a complicated concept and deploying it in such supercharged circumstances isn’t helpful.

    Peace. DG

    • Garson Abuita

      Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. You’re right, it’s a supercharged atmosphere and I apologize for making any unwarranted assumptions. Peace to you also and us all.

      • David Gibson

        David Gibson

        Article author

        We all do. Let he who is without guilt, as a Jewish guy once said…

  7. Israel means God’s people. Christians are God’s people after Christ. The only reason God allowed the Jews to be back in Jerusalem is for the setup of the AntiChrist system and to give them a last chance to repent before He comes back, on Pentecost Sunday. Saturday eve California time.

    • All beings on earth — humans, animals, plants, minerals — are “people” of God, Goddess , All That Is. We are all loved unconditionally. And as we grow spiritually, we come to realize, that we too, are coming to love all beings unconditionally.

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    […] Yes, a New York luxury condo building will have a separate door for lower income folks. Mark Driscoll is back on Twitter, sorta. Tom Petty has a protest song about clergy sex abuse. And in a New York diocese, lay people can no longer preach.  […]