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(RNS) Farmworkers, growers and 12 corporate retailers are establishing an unparalleled, worker-led system of accountability, transparency and enforcement. Why won't Wendy's join?


  1. I completely agree with ideas these rabbis are expressing.

    I think though, that real change won’t happen until we change some of our very fundamental thoughts about real wealth creation and who is in ownership of it at a point in time.

    • Man’s political, economical and many religious systems are so very corrupt, selfish,greedy and immoral that it is very hard to perpetrate love and respect for our fellowman, no matter the race, culture or nation, because of them. That love and respect has to be taught and lived by the masses to make any difference in this world of ours.

      Is that love and respect being taught by ALL of man’s systems above and the firm basis of everyone’s daily life today? I don’t THINK so!

      Which is why God’s kingdom or heavenly government will soon replace all of man’s governments (Daniel 2:44) and his “corrupt systems” and give man what we really need and want… True brotherhood of man, peace and security, where love and happiness will be the norm, not hate and war….. 😀

        • I acknowledged Lles’ thanks and was taught from early childhood to show manners to all…how is that immoral?

          • If you are talking about what God purposes for mankind, it is not my claim but his promises that will come true.

            It is definitely good news that appeals to the meek ones on earth, but which the wicked ones do not want to hear. They want war and violence to continue (such as in the Middle East). Their time left on this planet is short.

  2. “Worker exploitation is a spiritual crisis for all of us,” said rabbinical student Alex Weissman. “If my work as a rabbi is to tend to people’s souls — this is that work.”

    I love this statement, he is so right. Rabbi’s (and Jews in general) care very much about social justice and the well-being of all humans. I’m proud of these rabbinical students.


    These Jew live off the American taxpayers. Where else would they get their money?

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