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Christians adopt the Arabic letter 'N' in solidarity with their co-religionists expelled from Mosul. Humanists want an Army chaplain to call their own. Fact and fiction.


  1. Eric Kuykendall

    I’m not sure the tragic story of the Oklahoma teen needs to be classified as “religion news”. The organization Upendo does not have a religious affiliation and speaks nothing of religion in their “about us” description. I would suggest that KTLA misrepresented the story by calling it a “mission trip”.

  2. There are Palestinian Christians in Gaza, fyi. A small minority; primarily Orthodox with Catholics and Baptists as well. For the most part, they coexist peacefully with their Muslim neighbors.

    • Yonat Shimron

      Yonat Shimron

      Article author

      Thanks, Dale. I’ll change to reflect the fact that these were mostly Muslims seeking refuge in a church.

  3. While their approach and content may be questionable – and even fundamentalist as described in the article – it hardly seems fair to place Good News Club in the same “bad apples” category as an accused child rapist. Or has RNS determined that fundamentalist Christianity is an equally heinous crime?

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