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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and the Southern Baptists' Russell Moore will discuss "Strong Values for a Strong America" at Catholic University.


  1. Mark Rubio’s Strong values:
    1. Lying about his background to appeal to Cuban voters. He is Cuban but his parents came here before Castro took power.

    2. Lying about his religious background to appeal to various sects of Christian voters.

    3. Constantly uses his position to enrich his friends and family (an endemic flaw of most Florida Conservatives)

    So lying and stealing from the public are not major concerns but finding religious excuses to discriminate and intruding into personal lives of others are part of a “strong values” platform.

    • Larry, can you please give citations to the above criticisms? I’m very interested in Senator Rubio and his future career in public office and would welcome more details about his background.

      • Here you go

        I can go on. But you get the point.

    • CarrotCakeMan

      It seems Frank thinks that lying, nepotism and homophobia are “whats right,” (sic), but most Americans recognize all three are immoral and unAmerican.

  2. CarrotCakeMan

    We can all well imagine what this group of anti-gays will “decide.” Mr. Rubio has been involved with these anti-gay groups before. Hopefully, no taxpayer dollars will be flushed down the toilet by these sad, defeated anti-gays.

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