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(RNS) A newly commissioned liturgy to commemorate the centennial of World War I is as much about atonement as it is about remembrance.


  1. The most dangerous threat to your life and freedom is the existence of a powerful government. Gov might protect us from the development of local mobs, but it too easily becomes the mob itself. Such an event is what happens when nations war. Now…join me and lets memorialize this unique defect of the humanity.

  2. Let us thank the Lord of all joy that the Allies won the war. Let us remember the sacrifices made by mothers and families that lost their loved ones to keep Europe free. May we never forget that when we allow the span of time to cloud the truth that the same evils that caused the war can be repeated. Let us ask the Lord for courage to fight against the enemies of freedom by using His truth to expose them.

    • I think you are talking about the other world war.

      World War One was not really a fight for freedom (except maybe for Belgium and Serbia). It was a mess that kept dragging nations into horrifically deadly decisions. The only country to come out of it relatively intact was the US.

      Of course it raises an interesting question. If the Central Powers had won WWI, would there have been a WWII? It was not out of the realm of possibility. Had the US kept out of the war entirely and the Ottoman Empire sued for a separate peace, the world would be a much different place.

      Most of the troubles in the Middle East came from the carving up of the Turkish empire there arbitrarily. No punitive Versailles Treaty means no German rearmament. No Hitler. Lots of ways the world could have turned out differently. Maybe even for the better. Who knows.

  3. Nice words in a church without bombs overhead.
    Let us thank the Lord for more manpower and bigger guns.

  4. Serious atonement needs to be done for the in-crowd way Britain chose its incompetent generals and kept those blunderers in office.

    I had a relative my marriage. She was child when her Ulster village and its environs lost nearly all its husbands and fathers and young men not yet married. Women roamed the hills for weeks in anger and grief like the Maenads in the Greek play. And yes, they tore some animals apart. Meanwhile the Downton Abbey crowd spouted their pieties.

  5. Delusion: “A persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence, especially as a symptom of a psychiatric condition.

    As Sam Harris remarked: “Religion allows billions to believe things only a lunatic could believe on his own.”