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(RNS) Many Turkish women were doubled over with laughter Tuesday (July 29) after their country's deputy leader said in a speech assailing "moral corruption" that women should not laugh in public and should not talk on their mobile phones so much.


  1. Fascist nonsense from the religion-istas!

    “Women give each other meal recipes while speaking on the mobile phone. ‘What else is going on?’ ‘What happened to Ayse’s daughter?’ ‘When is the wedding?’ Arinc said, mimicking a woman using her phone. “Talk about this face to face.”

    Religion is a comedy routine where the third act is a flame thrower aimed at the audience.

    – Atheist Max

        • Armageddon is the flame thrower.
          You might have heard of it.

          All the Abrahamic religions celebrate (and pine for) the day of ultimate joy when god obliterates freedom, life, duty, love and personal responsibility and all the difficult challenges that go with them.

          “End Times” theology is the most immoral nonsense ever invented by humans; Eschatological Armageddon is the deliberate act of nihilism, the hateful core of primitive man’s impatience with, and fear of his own freedom.

          “I will kill her children with death” – Jesus (Rev. 1:22)

          Long live the American Constitution and its wonderful, Godless laws.
          Shame on those who would hand this madness to the care of clerics who would tear down the wall of separation of church and state.

          • Jamie Townsend

            Atheist Max, that is a really good summation of armageddon. Next time a christian argues that atheists believe in nothing, I’ll be sure to remind them whatever atheists have, it is better than the dream of armageddon.

  2. wow one muslim policy i can agree with…all i require is if she can fetch me a sammich and retrieve my slippers..any policy to have a women get to the point and not take 20 minutes getting to that point is also a worthy law i can support..also no women talking during the time i am watching football should be a mandatory federal law..and one other thing..please when you take a tool from my toolbox god did not intend for an expensive screwdriver to be used to dig a hole for a flower..just a guys perspective and some thoughts i have on this topic-god speed

  3. Proverbs, chapter 21, basically talks about the wonderful qualities of a capable wife, including being thrifty, industrious, giving and wise.

    Verse 25 of that chapter brings out: “Strength and splendor are her clothing, and she LAUGHS at a future day.” 😀

  4. Religion is truly evil.

    “If anyone comes to me and does not hate…even their own life,
    such a person cannot be my disciple.” – Jesus (Luke 14:26)

    Mirthless, mean, absolutist trash from
    the garbage generator himself.

    Is it any wonder there is not a single example
    in all of the New Testament of Jesus laughing
    or singing a song?

    “But by their fruit you will know them.
    Do they gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles?” – Jesus (7:16)

    Freedom to judge harshly coupled with self-hatred.
    So joyless, so incoherent.

    And Islam has the same nonsense. As this man from Turkey will tell you.

  5. PSA for dudes i handle this.
    -IH scout parts are washed in the dishwasher
    -or my motorcycle parts
    -or some AR15 lowers and parts

    use of clothes washer is as i am told only for clean clothes and and her “delicates”..i have ran thru some greasy jeans after I have completed a scout project just cause the dishwasher use is not the be all to end all..but any smudge on a bra is a definite issue

    now I offer caution and proceed at your own risk..start small (degrease a part in kitchen sink may be a good small first step or unstick your motorcycle clutch plates) and proceed at your own risk..also things will go smoothly for only about 3 months and then you will again find your tools misplaced in the flower garden and wilted lettuce on your might be best to only give a little reinforcement by only a few parts in the dishwasher at this time..the grease clothing in the clothes washer and the “delicates” should only be used if the small hints fail to reinforce that you do not use a perfectly good snap on screw driver as a tool for digging in the flower bed..also my good automotive paints are not just paint-cheap krylon paint is good for art projects..not a $15 can of auto paint (or forbid a $100 gallon can that was used to paint a lamp and the lid not put back on tight) that i use on my scout…finally..dont think you not putting the lid down on the toilet will phase them..they may complain but they get around that issue real quick..good luck and you have my prayers in whatever method you choose-god speed

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