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(RNS) Pope Francis is the latest victim of Washington's political dysfunction. New York City can't seem to get it together (maybe that explains Mika's misstep), and St. Marianne is back in Hawaii. All that and more in today's Roundup.


  1. Fantastic.

    Start of with open ridicule and sarcasm regarding christain beliefs over homosexuality, a guaranteed slam dunk divisive issue….then berate the south.

    Add very deminimus jewish side line “and the this” for something that..if it were Catholic preists giving babies herpies….come on, we all know the masses would be incited to open campaign against it.

    Move back to christianisty, homosexuality, prode whether or not climate change can be divisive. Slam southern states again.

    Follow it all up with praise for jewish cliches.


    • Proctor S. Burress

      Please return to your meds. Do not operate farm machinery and please do not drive on interstate highways. It will be appreciated by all!

  2. good news that the priest in Paraguay was removed from ministry. To “defrock” him requires an ecclesiastical trial where evidence has to be presented and a formal finding of guilty is reached. He does have a right to defend himself and should be able to challenge testimony against him. this is simply justice. You cannot find someone guilty without due process. Of course, those charged with such crimes should be removed from ministry until their case is resolved but we cannot have summary “executions”.