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(RNS) Samaritan's Purse said in a statement Thursday that it was working to evacuate all but the most essential personnel to their home country by this weekend, although the center will remain open.


    • Lles,
      Have you considered a move to Liberia? Don’t worry, have faith, you’ll be fine there. You were made a promise in Mark 16:14-18 remember? Best thing for you, the liberals who went their to help other humans seem to be dying off. Perhaps the promise only applied to the chosen conservative people, like you. Please try that theory out for us, will you? I’m dying to find out if it that promise holds any truth at all. Drop us a line after a year or so and let us know how that worked out for you.

      • ???

        Being a part of a christian group of doctors, Iwould hahave guessed the man conservative relative to secular society.

        You think he is a christian liberal? That sound silly to me even to type it out. By contrast, you think conservatives don’t help people?

        I might call such a generalization hate speech….but im not an emotional buzzword using type of person.

        • Lles, I would expect no Lles (pun intended) of a guess from you as your views are (let me be kind) skewed in a definitive direction (raed all messed up).
          It is an illusion that religion necessarily always coincides with conservatism. Quite the contrary, the Shepard these meek sheep (Christians) follow was extremely liberal. How ironic the loudest members of his flock are juxtaposed to that philosophy.

          You keep screaming about your Liberal (Liberal used as a buzzword) conspiracies, it is what propels your hatred, and appears to be your motivation for living.

          Well, I guess we all have to have some reason, but hate is not a good one.

          Stay well!

          • And you are hate free? A model for me to aspire to?

            You love all…except….who? Fill in the blank.

            And please refraim from bigot, homophobe, racist, hater. That would only means you hate those who don’t share your worldview…which is crux of the liberal/conservative divide.

  1. Sister Geraldine M. Wagner, R.N.

    As a nurse with 44 years experience, the most important thing a health care worker can do is to pay close attention to isolation technique! Any break in technique can introduce the pathogen to the worker and to other people s/he comes into contact with.
    SO PAY ATTENTION AT EVERY MOMENT WHEN GOWNING, GLOVING, WASHING, AND REVERSING THE PROCESS. Have a set routine that you follow each time, every time. For instance, one, wash hands, two, put on gown, etc. Follow this “religiously.”

  2. Jesus told his disciples what would be the sign of his presence and the end of an era. One of these signs was:

    “There will be great earthquakes and in one place after another food shortages and PESTILENCE; and there will be fearful sights and from heaven great signs.” (Luke 21: 7,11)

    We are evidently living in the last days because many signs, including pestilence, are taking place now, before God’s kingdom intervenes in man’s affairs and sets all matters right.

    • Fran,

      Why didn’t the world end already, then?
      We have had 341 major pandemics since the days of Jesus.
      Every one of them was larger than this one.

      You imagine Jesus is coming – because Jesus is imaginary.

  3. Might as well send her to Walter Reed Hospital in D.C., she’s probably CIA anyway, as are most missionaries, Spies, rats, proselytizers, co-conspirators in murder, kidnapping and rape; wolves in sheeps’ clothing.