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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The move is likely to provoke fresh debate about Francis’ own political stance since he has been criticized by conservative American commentators for having a “Marxist” political perspective on international finance and capitalism.


  1. This is a great step towards recognizing the inherent politics and human nature of the church. liberation theology is an acting out of justice, a claiming that the standards, the politics, and the oppression of the majority in power do not honor and respect all of god’s people-all of humanity. so glad that pope francis has made this statement that clergy can (and in my opinion, should) be involved with the state of politics when it forces injustice on communities and countries!


  2. The deception of life. JP II was made a saint whereas D’Escoto might be the real saint. JP II specialized in grandeur while he polarized his church. He liked the limelight while he may have neglected the poor.

    • As a Nicaraguan-American “Reagan refugee” I find your comment above revolting. D’Escoto has blood on his hands, shame on you.

      • Well you may be Nicaraguan but you don’t speak for all Nicaraguans, so no apologies needed. After all, not only the poor, mostly of indigenous descent, fled Nicaragua, but also the not so poor, more right-wing conservative of criollo descent. Also, if you are worried about bloody hands I suggest you don’t look too close at the hands of your cowboy hero Reagan… With the whole Iran-contra… Oh never mind, you already know that, yet still don’t care.

    • JP II did much to help the poor and oppressed: look at the fall of the Soviet Satellites due in large part to JP II’s moral courage.
      If JP II polarized any one it was because he preached the word of God and some did not like it.

  3. The REAL Dr. Xavier

    When the Jesuits were ordered to abandon Liberation Theology the Church had signaled to all a loss of Its Mission to help the poor. Hopefully, this Pope’s dedication to his Order’s vow of poverty will signal a renewal of the fight to end this disparate treatment of our brothers and sisters.

    • Not true Xaiver.

      The church had been helping the poor before liberation theology and has not stopped helping the poor since liberation theology was started.

  4. d’Escoto took a position of prominence in a crooked communist government, defied instructions from his superiors to abandon political office, and was associated with an intellectual movement which sought to harness Christian theology to a Marxist enterprise. He repents of none of it. Another indication, if we needed it, that Francis does not teach, sanctify, or govern.

    • Art Deco–
      You are correct. Many are still fooled–and will continue to allow themselves to be. Liberation Theology is communist inspired. It was condemned, and for the pope to reinstate this priest made NO SENSE!!!!

  5. There will be an ecumenical celebration for Father Miguel Tuesday, 26 August 2014, 6 pm in the First Baptist Church, Managua.

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