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(RNS) Despite the almost universal popularity of Pope Francis, the House of Representatives was unable to muster enough bipartisan support to pass a resolution honoring Francis' election -- nearly 18 months ago.


  1. Shows the lack of vision and limited outlook of some American politicians, especially Republicans. They seem to be totally out of sync with international opinions.

  2. As some have observed, if the GOP has trouble with Pope Francis, just wait until they meet Jesus!

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    […] Although this is an interesting story, the bare bones details of the matter (obviously without reference to the “Israeli angle” noted here) were quietly buried in the back-pages “metro” section of The Washington Post—the big daily “must read” newspaper for official Washington—on August 4. The Post didn’t even bother to assign one of its own correspondents to the story. Instead, it picked up a report from the syndicated Religion News Service (RNS). […]