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Ebola, Gaza, guns and prayer are all here, plus the Department of What's Next.

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Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman specializes in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics. She also writes frequently on biomedical ethics and end-of-life-issues


  1. “A military recruitment center in St. Louis is passing out free camouflage-covered Gideon Bibles to recruits enlisting in the National Guard.”

    And yet again someone decides to abuse their government position to pretend the government endorses their Christian faith.

    • I know that I and many, many other veterans are immensely grateful for the Gideons and their work of handing those Bibles to service-members on base and elsewhere. This is not about your conspiracy theory paranoia of the government pushing the Christian faith; this is about compassionate human beings empathizing with one another through their physical, mental, and spiritual hardships.

  2. Our son sang the American National Anthem for his dinner at Blarney Castle in Ireland. So it does happen…

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