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(RNS) Mary's Gourmet Diner has stopped offering 15 percent discounts for praying customers after the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote to the owner to stop, calling it a violation of the Civil Rights Act.


  1. What a bunch if whiney baby heathens.

    Like I’ve said a million times before. The american heathens absolutley need a massive gov. You are it biggest advocate. As such, you are also the worthless group poised most directly against individual freedom.

    See you need a supra-social power to protect your lesser, base way of life. No honest person would willingly choose it. In a honest organic society, people realize there is a god and they subsequently choose their associations based on that preference. That means thd heathens get excluded.

    So the heathens and othewise base people of america get excluded, as in the case here, and the whiney “we all deserve a trophy” twits have to run off to a supra social power to protect them and make them feel good about themselves. Lets face it, you got nothing intrinsically to feel good about.

    Figures. Figures that you have to force people to accept you and the lifestyle lies you live, and that you have to strip others of their freedom to make association preferences.

    Its time to split the country into those who need statist power to survive with their broke ideaology, and those who are not afraid of real freedom and don’t want to be protected from the social consequences of their owm choices.

    • FairnessforEVERYONE

      Of course, if people were charged an additional 15% for praying in public (as an inconvenience to the wait staff and restaurant owners and a delay in service resulting in them not turning tables as quickly and making as much money), you would be the person up in arms, screaming discrimination and defending your whining. How about you step back and try to see things from others’ POV?

  2. That’s okay, Ms. Mary. You did your best to stand up for God while you could. You’ll get your rewards in the afterlife.

    By the way, the FFRF will ALSO get its rewards in the afterlife. They better bring lots o’ ice water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • What “threat”? Those FFRF goons think God doesn’t exist anyway. As long as they are correct, (heh-heh), they have got NOTHING to worry about !!

  3. The Great God Pan

    Give me a break. They are using this is as an excuse not to offer a discount that clearly would have gotten out of control. They were already trying to get away from this story when it first broke, telling Glenn Beck’s site The Blaze that the discount was not a policy and that they only offered it “sporadically” when they “felt moved” to do so.

    So how can they blame lawsuits from Those Mean Atheists for abandoning a non-policy that was rarely in effect, anyway?

    As for it being illegal: Businesses that operate as public accommodations are not allowed to discriminate based on age, yet they can still offer discounts to senior citizens. Discounts aren’t discriminatory. This was not a legal issue. This was an, “Oh, crap. Everyone’s going to pray and try to get a discount” issue.

  4. And if the diner offered a discount for reciting “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet”, you guys would be ready to torch the place.

    • The Great God Pan

      Now that I think about it, in fairness to Lles it should be noted that for a right-wing Christian he seems to be weirdly fond of Islam.

      • Fundamentalists are a pretty interchangeable bunch. They do not conflict with each other based on differing ideas. Its rivalry over the same territory.

        • That includes leftist and atheist fundamentalists, like the crowds that frequent the Daily Kos and

      • To be scared if islamic thought is an american propoganda issue. Thats the genesis of islamophobia, for lack of a better word.

        The middle east didn’t hate the US until we got stewardship of israel….and interfered in all their governements to make life safe for the zionist dream to come true. Holding all judgement aside from that, as its in the past, islamic people are no different from anyone else. Thru want what we want. They don’t “hate us for our freedom”…our relative level of freedom is laughable.

        • Given your recent indifference to the massacre of Iraqi ethnic minorities at the hands of Islamic Fundamentalists one can easily conclude that you are their shill. First waving the flag for Hamas, now for ISIS. Maybe the Christianity thing for you is just a sham.

          • Yes.

            Much like Christianity, Islam subsumed and appropriated an existing empire for its structure and spread by military conquest. (The Persian Empire is to Islam what the Roman Empire is to Christianity).

            It is also intertwined with the history of colonialism, a bevy of mongol invasions, and a compelling argument why giant unified empires were really a bad thing in the ancient/medieval world when it came to progress.

  5. Wait it out for six months, then go back to offering the discount again. Let all your regular patrons know that this is the plan.

  6. The real angle here is an anti-religion group threatening to sue a well-meaning restaurant into the ground. It’s a well-funded bully that should get bullied itself.

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