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(RNS) The missionary who is being treated for Ebola explains why he was in Liberia.


  1. Daniel D. Maurer, Writer

    Of course they should have been brought back. We’re at no risk and any other assumption is pure hysteria. I wish the good doctor well, both he and his wife.

    We need to stay vigilant with this disease, obviously. However, the minute we turn away our compassion out of fear-mongering or politicization, we begin to deny the very foundation upon which our country was founded. What amazes me is that most of those who have politicized this would consider themselves “Christian.” It’s ugly and I pray for softened (albeit cautious) hearts.

  2. Of course, these two missionaries should be treated in the USA and brought home. Whether you are Christian or not, there should be a sense of caring for those that are helping others. I wonder if it was their mother or father, if they would feel the same? I think it is wonderful that they have done well and perhaps now, this medication can be brought to these other people who desperately need it. If the world had more caring and giving individuals like this, our world would be a profoundly better place. God Bless.

    • Of course my response is selfish and compassionate. Selfish because we can learn more with them here than we could anywhere else. Compassionate because if they were my immediate family I would want them home receiving the best medical treatment to give them the best chance of survival.

    • Why didn’t the Lard cure him immediately? Why does this god send horrific viruses into the world in the first place? I say we ban this god until he’s had some therapy.

      • Theresa, It is always curious to me when there are diseases or bad things that happen to Godly people, that others who have not come to know God as they should tend to ask “why would a God do this to His people”. Well, let’s turn that around and ask then, why does God pour out His goodness and blessings on evil-doers? Because He is not a respecter of persons but loves all of mankind equally and wants us to all come to know Him and be saved by the blood of His beloved son Jesus Christ. We all face adversity in our lives, but those of us who trust in the almighty living God know that He may allow the adversity in our lives to bring us to a better understanding of what His ultimate will is, that we completely rely on Him to fulfill his purpose in our lives to His Glory (not ours). When we accept Christ into our lives we are then supposed to empty our”selves” of ourselves and fill our hearts with the word of God to spread His Love and His holy word to the rest of the world. God wishes for all of humankind to be saved and live in an eternal paradise with him, as it was from the beginning when He created Adam and Eve, and this did not happen because of satan and the sin that began and inhabited mankind on earth. But because Jesus Christ overcame death and sin and Satan, all of those who believe and live according to the will of God will be saved in the final judgment day and be able to then live with God, eternally, free from sin, death, pain, suffering, and all of the other terrible things that are part of this present life and world (which are all temporary). That is how men like Dr. Brantly and others who live their lives in service to God and Christ can be at peace with having a terrible disease like this in their flesh because ultimately they know that if it takes their life, they have an eternal life to look forward to without any of the pain and suffering that goes with it! I hope this helps you understand our mighty and wonderful God better?

        • The majority of mankind will live forever on a paradise earth through the 1,000-yr. rule of Jesus, King, and 144,000 co-rulers (born-again Christians according to Revelation 14:1-5 and 20:4-6) of God’s kingdom or heavenly government.

          As Jesus said at Matthew 5:5, the meek shall inherit the earth; and Psalm 37:10,11 brings out that the wicked ones will be no more and the meek will inherit the earth with an abundance of peace.

          Isaiah 11:1-9 shows that this rule will be righteous and just (unlike man’s rule over man) and that even the animals on earth will be at peace with one another.

          The rule by God’s kingdom and the benefits of Jesus’ ransom sacrifice will be applied to imperfect mankind so that they will become perfect (as Adam and Eve were before they sinned).

          In addition, many of our relatives and friends that we have lost to death and are now sleeping in death (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10; John 11:11-15) have the hope of resurrection back to life on earth to be reunited with their family and friends (Acts. 24:15; John 5:28,29).

          All sickness and disease, old age and even death will be done away with (Revelation 21:1-4) and then will be fulfilled the Lord’s Prayer:

          “Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.” (Matthew 6:10) 😀

        • I like your take on this situation as related to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the greatest messenger of love. Curious though, what’s your take on homosexuality, in relation to the teachings of Christ?

      • Typical question in situations like this.
        If He were to poke His finger into our every day business, you will not be writing this.
        If you have a true thirst for our God, the Bible is everywhere, online and hard copy.
        There is only 2 camps, staying on the fence just confirm your opposition.

  3. Emory University Hospital is well-equipped to handle these 2 patients. Their treatment is, at this point, still experimental. The opportunity to test the medical treatment of this new disease, under the best conditions for success, will provide better treatment options under less than perfect conditions in Liberia.

    I am grateful for the success being achieved, and I pray for complete recovery and restored health. Through it all, may God be praised! \O/ \O/ \O/

  4. Dear Dr Kent Brantly, your response to treats is such a great news, Every decision in life has some risks to it, so that was the risk of coming to Africa. God Almighty is already turning your illness around for good because suddently the whole world became aware of the ‘evil virus’ and enlightenment is going on. Even if you are not returned back to the US, another person may have sneaked into the country with it, so I thanked God for your life and your country that put so much care in the life of her citizens in problem. Not all countries can do this. You and Writebols life is hidden in Christ Jesus, the two of you shall never be intimidated with any medical complications. That is what faith in Jesus Christ is all about. So keep responding to treatments positively. Your families are waiting to celebrate you alive!. I wrote this from West Africa. Thanks for your effort.

    • Thank you Bidemi for your love and wisdom in Jesus Christ. You are a shining light on a dark continent.

  5. Welcome Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Whitebol back to the United States. Also welcome to Emory University Hospital which is down the street from the Centers for Disease Control.
    Both of you are in our prayers.
    My wife and I hold you in our prayers and are in awe of your work in Liberia. Our FBC church in Columbus, Ga. has sent many of our members to teach and aid the Ricks institute (a school) there. So our prayers are certainly for Liberia also.

  6. No one in their right mind should have risked bringing Ebola here! There is no cure! Just watch the video of Dr. Brantley arriving to the hospital and WALKING ON GRAVEL (which could have punctured the suit he was wearing) Is THAT how you handle a person with a disease that has no cure? Let them walk on gravel? I don’t have training in infectious disease control but I know enough that I would have had him on a gurney wheeled into the hospital! What other stupid risks are being taken? I pray for their recovery. I pray for us all! I do not agree with them being brought to US for any reason! I read that seminal fluid is infectious for 50 DAYS after the person with Ebola survives and stops showing outward symptoms! He’s a DR. he took precautions, He still CAUGHT it! If HE caught it, so can anyone of the people treating him here!

    • He seems like an overall selfish person to me. First he’s in Liberia as part of that homophobic Franklin Graham’s evangelist group, then he puts us all at risk by rushing back to the U.S. because he caught something we don’t even know enough about.

      • JT, that “homophobic Franklin Graham’s evangelist group” is actually doing something to try to help the suffering human beings in Liberia. What are you doing?

    • The people of West Africa and the volunteers there to help them are very brave. They are all heroes. I hope a treatment is found soon and efforts to prevent it spreading prevail.

  7. South Africa is praying for these people who travelled far , risked so much to save so many . We wish you God’s mercy . Schalk and Teresa

  8. Dr Brantly and Nancy are heroes. The blatantly selfish people saying they should not have been shipped back to the US are truly ignorant uncaring jerks.

  9. Two books needing review by the public are “The Coming Plague” and “The Hot Zone.”

    Despite objections raised in or by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, The Catholic Church or Samaritan’s Purse, the federal government has the right to quarantine.

    In Dallas, for example, there is already protocol in place for a plane landing with infected passengers. They will be taken, with or without their permission, to a quarantine unit at a nearby hospital. They will be forcibly detained.

    An Ebola epidemic burning through American cities will test every one of us, not just our collective notion of a free nation, and it will certainly prove what we will sacrifice to live.

    I am a former newspaper reporter, now information specialist, who has compiled a free Ebola report with FACTS, including info on another scourge, the Mother of all Viruses. She is currently being studied in France and she boasts a 100% fatality rate. Email me at and I will send it to you. It is a highlight piece carved out of a 5,000 word article I recently wrote for a magazine regarding emerging viruses.

    Did You Know:
    1. That Ebola is contagious if the virus is in the blood? They still don’t know if that means the pre-symptom period is noncontagious. If the Ebola incubation is two days before symptoms, what if the infected person spits or urinates during that time?
    2. That in a lab incident, Ebola jumped from piglets in one cage to a cage of monkeys about a foot away? Airborne or not? UNKNOWN.
    3. That no one is telling West Africans to stop eating chimps and fruit bats?
    This is not cultural insensitivity. That is dietary survival.
    4. That the outbreak in Reston, Virginia in the 80’s was an entirely different strain: Monkey Ebola? Non-communicable to humans. The head of that team was CJ Peters, now a professor at the University of Texas in Galveston and a top Ebola/Lassa/Marburg expert. Why is he not being consulted and asked to run things? The current CDC director does not have the personality or experience to handle a deadly epidemic. (And make note: there is nothing more air borne than a monkey throwing infected feces at you while you try to kill it: see “The Hot Zone.”)
    5. That Ebola survives and is communicable in male semen about two months after a male recovers from Ebola sickness? WWHHAAATTTT?????

    And why haven’t we heard one word about Dr. Kent Brantley for almost five days now?

    • Pamela M, the American People are being deceived concerning the transmission of the Ebola Virus. IT IS AIRBORNE, that why it’s spreading so rapidly and OUT OF CONTROL!! The CDC has expressed concerns about the ebola virus being transmitted through the AIR!! We also noticed that there is a U.S. MEDIA NEWS BLACKOUT concerning reports on the EBOLA EPIDEMIC. WHY IS THIS? The ole saying: “NO NEWS – IS GOOD NEWS” does not apply here!!

      And WHY hasn’t the U.S. State Department RESTRICTED American Airlines from flying into Ebola Infected West African Countries?? The U.S.A. Basketball Team has CANCELLED their tournament with a Senegal Team; who so far HAS NOT reported any Ebola cases! But because of Senegal’s close proximity to the other countries that have reported Ebola, it was decided it was too dangerous for the U.S.A. Basketball Team to travel to Senegal.

      Has the Ebola Virus indeed crossed the ocean and now “spreading in the U.S.”??? Is the “Ebola situation” more dire than even the U.S. Government is admitting? Unfortunately we think so–

  10. am glad they are both recovering my problem is that people are dieing in africa of these disease. now there is an experimential drugs why not share these drugs to these affected areas what the use of saving two peoples life who come to africa to save life and one hundred in west africa are not giving a fighting chance God is a loving God the bibles says love your neigbhour as you lovw your self. these secrum should be share is not all about making money but saving peoples lifes

    • Finally, we have someone worthy of praise. A man who put the value of every suffering human soul above his own fears in service to humanity. He should receive the Nobel Peace prizes and the Presidential Medals of Freedom long before the shallow celebrities we fawn over who give back nothing but their vanity. Who would your respect. Dr.Brantley and Nurse Nancy Writebol or Miley Cyrus and her lewdness.

      God bless and praise Keith Brantley and Pray for the recovery of Nurse Nancy Writebol. Two true heroes deserving of our admiration and eternal gratitude.

  11. Everything will be as God intends. We should not waste
    Our time thinking negative thoughts. They are improving everyday. Thanks to the staff who has worked very hard.

  12. David Burroughs

    It is utterly amazing to me that anyone who actually studied micro-biology could be in a God, let alone one specific God. I mean I guess that as a Christian there is a reason he became a doctor and not a particle physicist.

    With that said any human that is honestly trying to make the lives of other humans better, is a good person in my book. Even if they are doing it as part of their pledge of evangelism. Even if that very evangelism has caused more deaths than the amount of people they have saved.

    Let’s put this in perspective. The catholic Church has proselytized for years in Africa to what outcome? Higher populations of people that have been brain washed into believing they can’t get into Heaven if they use a condom. This has led to millions of Africans dying from Aids and other STV’s.

    The Chistians doing charitable work in Africa have also brought their pseudo-science against gays in Africa and now you have gays being killed because of these pre-historic beliefs.

    What is more troubling than the fact that half of the United States subscribes to such beliefs, is the actual doctors and scientists who subscribe to these beliefs. It is nothing but pure programming that you have never been able to think outside of, and it is very sad for humanity.

    • Amazing, the devil’s little impish trolls are always commenting on “Christian Focused” websites! These trolls have absolutely NO knowledge of Jesus Christ or the Bible and it’s Biblical Teachings. But yet they attempt to “instruct us” on HOW God governs HIS CREATION and WHAT His WORD means!! They’re not aware that HIS WORD reigns SUPREME over any misguided influences, mindset or ideas.

      Homosexual behavior and their perverted lifestyle is an ABOMINATION to The Lord God Almighty! This is a FACT!! If you do have the intelligence to READ, then we strongly suggest that you read the BIBLE!

      1. “HOMOSEXUALITY is absolutely forbidden; for it is an ENORMOUS SIN”
      Leviticus 18:22

      2. “The penalty for HOMOSEXUAL ACTS is DEATH TO BOTH PARTIES. They have brought it upon themselves”
      Leviticus 20:13

      3. “Claiming themselves to be WISE without God, they became UTTER FOOLS instead. So God let them go ahead into every sort of SEX SIN, and do whatever they wanted to— yes VILE AND SINFUL THINGS with each other’s bodies. So even their WOMEN turned against God’s NATURAL PLAN for them and indulged in SEX SIN with each other. And the MEN instead of having a NORMAL SEX RELATIONSHIP WITH WOMEN, burned in LUST FOR EACH OTHER. Men doing shameful things with OTHER MEN!’
      Romans 1:22-32

      Study the WORD OF GOD (The Bible), understand the meaning of SIN: the consequences and the punishment that one suffers. Then make an intelligent comment that supports the reason WHY such events are happening in this modern society! The Lord God Almighty Who created ALL that we see & the invisible will be the FINAL JUDGE!

      We do PRAY that Jesus Christ will REMOVE the blinders from your eyes before it’s too late!!

  13. The first thing that came to mind when I heard the news was of the devastating effects this could have on Americans. The risk is there when choosing to help in countries that struggle with this. As I looked over the stories, I began to see a man who left the comfort of our American way to help and heal. I also saw pictures of his beautiful family. I am glad that he is being treated here, under top care and isolation restrictions. Perhaps further research with our resources here will bring about a cure.

  14. Finally, we have someone worthy of praise. A man who put the value of every suffering human soul above his own fears in service to humanity. He should receive the Nobel Peace prizes and the Presidential Medals of Freedom long before the shallow celebrities we fawn over who give back nothing but their vanity. Who would your respect. Dr.Brantley and Nurse Nancy Writebol or Miley Cyrus and her lewdness.

    God bless and praise Keith Brantley and Pray for the recovery of Nurse Nancy Writebol. Two true heroes deserving of our admiration and eternal gratitude.

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