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FERGUSON, Mo, (RNS) Speaking at a church service here, the Rev. Al Sharpton announced a future march in Washington on policing. He criticized the militarization of police, saying they act as if they are “at war with … citizens.”


  1. ,,,And not one word of sympathy, nor apology,nor justice, for what happened to that innocent Asian store clerk who was terrorized, assaulted, bullied, and robbed by “Big Mike” and looters.

    No hand-clappin’ church rallies for that little Asian clerk. No black preachers supporting him. No black politicians meeting with him. No black Highway Patrol captains apologizing to him. No fiery black tweets for him. No hands up for him. At all.

    “Greater Grace” my butt.

    • White Racist III

      Ummmm, you are really ignorant. Your comments make me wonder what happened to you as a child. Where is your empathy for the victim here. A child lost his life and a family lost their son. Have you no empathy? Do you not see the humanity in Mike Brown and his family? The cop was wrong. He murdered an unarmed child. Cowardly act at best. If that was your son or daughter I imagine that you would take a different approach. You need help.

      • Humanity in Mike Brown? The cop murdered an innocent “child?” You’re making a lot of baseless assumptions here, which the evidence contradicts. Mike brown was 6’4″, 290lbs, and 18 years of age. He robbed and physically assaulted a store clerk. And the best you can come up with to someone who points these facts out is calliing him a “white racist.” Who’s ignorant?

    • Amen. Well perhaps not the most proper concept word but if you take Amen as ‘so let it be’ then F’n AMEN! nicely put Doc Anthony!

  2. Sharpton has a durable grift, if nothing else. Since Crump’s a lawyer and not a carnival barker, he’s not direct competition, so welcome on the state. What the state police captain was doing there he’ll have to explain to his superiors.

  3. “Rev. Sharpton urged the crowd to start showing up at the polls to vote and make a difference in the lives of African-Americans.”

    I do not like the idea of a Reverend bringing politics into a church even if I agree with the politics.
    For some reason it is allowed in many black churches. But it shouldn’t be.
    Don’t black communities deserve use of the town hall or something?
    Why are the churches the only place for black folks to talk politics?

    If this were a white Republican church and the pastor was preaching for people to vote a certain way I would be just as bothered.

    • A MAX

      I Think at one time in history,, the church was the only place black people could legal gather and feel relatively safe ,, and this is why they are accustomed
      to talking about most every subject in their church’s that trouble them .
      their church’s were often used also for food storage and for sick houses where
      their was blankets and wood stove with wood for warm … oppression was
      very real in the history of many black people and the church was truly a place of refuge in more ways than one..

      • rob,

        but the USA is behind the times.
        And people are not demanding jobs loud enough – when they should.
        They are not demanding education loud enough – when they should.

        If the US government can afford to >>>> GIVE a $3 Million TANK <<<<
        away to the police in Ferguson
        for $200 <<< :-O
        They . can . damn . sure . put . more . money . into . some . JOBS . and . schools !!!

    • Thank You Max !!!
      White churches are not allowed to bring up politics from the pulpit.
      Why are black churches allowed to do it?
      So MANY double standards going on and it really bothers me.

  4. I have heard of brown shirts, black shirts, and red shirts in history. Now Al was “yellow shirts.”

  5. one can just see the pictures of the family and see how badly they are hurting .

    sure the policemen was afraid for his life ..a white policemen policing a all black neighborhood.. would be much more afraid than if a black policemen encountered the same situation im sure fear had a great deal to do with it …. and if what was said was true the policemen’s foul language
    also only escalated the situation..
    black neighbor hood policed by the white race that some black folks see as formally slave owners and whip ” crackers”.. of black shirtless backs

    who’s dumb idea was that?

    why is the police force just about all white? when the community is black..?

    and all the military tanks and weapons aimed at moms and dads who are legally protesting.

  6. It is 2014 !!!!
    No one owns slaves in America !
    Just a 411 not all white people owned slaves !! ALL races have had some form of slavery.
    Why can’t people get this through their heads ?!

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