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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The pope reaffirmed his support for former Pope Benedict’s shocking decision to retire and did not rule out a similar move himself.


  1. Interesting story.

    “there isn’t the capacity to govern well because the body gets tired…”

    There was a time when being a Pope was simply to be a dictator.
    Now that people are free to challenge the Vatican without being slaughtered
    for it, the job is clearly harder.

    For centuries pedophile priests went unchallenged and were unknown.
    And countless crimes were either covered up or excused.

    Now it is all transparent and claims are disintegrating.
    How do you hold up a sand castle when the sand starts to disappear?

  2. There was a time when being a Pope was simply to be a dictator.
    Now that people are free to challenge the Vatican without being slaughtered
    for it, the job is clearly harder.

    Try not to make your ignorance too manifest.

    • @Art Deco,

      Are you denying the Inquisitions from 1255 to modern times?
      Are you also denying the inquisitors were authorized by the Holy See to turn over the Vatican challengers, heretics and apostates to secular authorities for execution, and that the Papal States executed people for many different kinds of crimes against the church or the supposed ‘god’ Christ?

      Are you actually denying this well-known bloody history spanning almost 1000 years?

      In this age of digital libraries you cannot bring yourself to learn something?

    • @Art Deco,

      Hey Art –
      how about you go smoke a goat for your Lord.
      Maybe he’ll grant you three wishes! (Exodus 29:18)


      “Take one of the rams… Slaughter it and take the blood
      and sprinkle it against the altar on all sides.
      Cut the ram into pieces and wash the inner parts and the legs,
      putting them with the head and the other pieces.
      Then burn the entire ram on the altar.
      It is a burnt offering to the LORD, a pleasing aroma,
      an offering made to the LORD by fire.
      (Exodus 29:18)

      Clearly this could not have been manmade!

      Too bad God didn’t think of mint jelly.
      But there I go again, improving on GOD’s plans! Silly me. :-)

    • @Art,

      “Try not to make your ignorance too manifest.”

      Anyone who believes that a loving god, who is
      Supposedly infinitely forgiving, would create
      an infinite Hell of unforgiveness – has no intelligence.

      • and not to mention the spread of aids by refusing to allow condoms amongst the infected. I do recall the pope saying condoms for male prostitutes were ok.
        In my lifetime I hope to see him dead.
        both of them

        • there’s no need to threaten people. please go prey somewhere else. or do something useful like make a donation to the dayton childrens hospital on my behalf. just one dollar. how about it.

        • Which is Passive-Aggressive Christianspeak for “go f— yourself”

          And it is always done with condescending arrogance designed to make you feel inferior that says, “Not only am I right and you are wrong, but I am a better person than you” or “You obviously can’t take care of (fill in the blank) yourself, and God won’t help you on his own, so I’ll ask since he listens to me more.” It is a Christian’s passive-aggressive way (or a passive-aggressive Christian’s way) of putting you down. It can mean, “You’re such a wretched specimen of humanity that you need divine intervention in order to avoid your just punishment of eternal torment by fire.”

          When someone is being mean or hurtful to you and not acting in a Christian manner, yet then stares you in the face and says “But I’ll Pray for You”….how do you react? It seems sad to me that as Christians sometimes “I’ll Pray for you” is used as a jab. It is just another tool to be pulled out when lies, misinformation, bluster, appeals to emotion, and fearmongering haven’t carried the day for them. It’s like a drive-by praying, you know? It isn’t as if the magic won’t work if the fact that a prayer is coming remains undisclosed.

  3. Nothing would go so far towards opening the church than the recognition that even the Pope is human; and humans age, and sometimes they don’t age gracefully.

    At some age, whatever function one is supposed to serve, it is not as one who is substantially responsible for the spiritual lives of hundreds of millions. At some age, one has to acknowledge not only mortality, but humanity

  4. The Roman Catholic Church has had manifest failures, as well as magnificent victories, Popes both pure and evil. I applaud Francis for declaring in his own way that the power of the papacy is not something to cling to unto death.

        • @mnemos,

          ..”Hiding thousands of jews”

          AFTER the Pope signed Hitler’s first peace treaty, the Vatican Koncordat of 1933, guaranteeing 100% support of Nazi control over Europe’s Jewish ghettos leading to the deaths of 6 million Jews!!??



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