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Pope Francis calls the parents of beheaded journalist James Foley. Missionary Kent Brantly is discharged from Atlanta hospital. A list of the countries with the highest per-capita alcohol consumption.


  1. I notice that there is only one non-Muslim country listed among the teetotalers. East Timor, which is 97% Catholic. Interesting.

  2. Ephesians 5:18 says don’t get drunk on wine for it is debacuhery but be
    filled with the Spirit and 1 Corinthians 6:10 says that all drunkards go to
    hell. The Bible also says don’t get drunk with strong wine and the wine
    that Jesus made was from the fruit of the vine/new wine and diluted so
    Christians shouldn’t still be drinking/gettin drunk! People today seem to
    focus on gay marriage and/or abortion so that they don’t have to face their
    own sin. Jesus said many will say to Me Lord,Lord and not enter heaven
    and you are one of Mine only if you follow Me! We must Repent/follow!

    • David Lloyd-Jones

      Oh, Karla,

      Thank you for drawing the sins of others to our attention. This is something society needs much more of — people like you who can warn us of the sin that stalks everywhere. I am touched to know how concerned you are about my sins.

      We are particularly indebted to you for pointing out that people who try to extend the rights of gays are really hiding their sin. You are performing a great public service by making this better known.

      I am sure you are right that people who think about the issues surrounding abortion and the interference of government with people’s control over their own bodies have never heard of sin, or when they have are busy hiding it. Yet again you perform a public service by bringing this question to the fore.

      Carry on. Yes, yes, Karla, do carry on.


  3. Yonat,
    I like CNS bec. it is current, short and to the point. It is somewhat slanted or bias to Catholics, but I don’t mind even tho I’m a protestant believer.

  4. Edward Fumbah T.

    Jesus said not what go into the mouth defiled you but what come from your mouth. Yes, 1Cor 6:10 is true that is why our World is like what it is today.. Some prophets believe alcohol and drugs are number enemy of God, Then what about the people who are using God number enemy?They are God enemy too.But,not doing these things everything around you become difficult, no good job, no club membership and so on.

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