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These are days that rattle the soul, not only the ground under Napa. But we can take a break and laugh at The Simpsons marathon

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Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman specializes in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics. She also writes frequently on biomedical ethics and end-of-life-issues


  1. The Brown funeral? What about the Wilson indictment? As long as this cat is out of the bag we’re going to have problems, and rightfully so. When its OK for a cop to shoot a teenager in the back, that’s a sign that we have one of two states: a police state or anarchy. It’s a travesty and a crime that this man is not behind bars right now.

    • We are not given to know that it is a fact that Brown was shot in the back. Did you forget the “innocent till proven guilty” law?

    • Brown was shot once where the palm meets the thumb, 3x in the arm, once in the eye, and once on his forehead. He was not shot in the back. This is per the pathologist hired by Ben Crump. If you’re going to shoot your mouth off, at least try to stay current.

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