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BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, Mo. (RNS) Bernice King and others from the King Center in Atlanta are meeting with Missouri high school students to help them channel anger over the police shooting of Michael Brown into positive change.


  1. “Nonviolent philosophy” is what otherwise is known as ‘respect for law’, which the ordinary people journalists like to make fun of by quoting their unadorned sentence fragments out of context can usually manage without much trouble (even if they’ve never read ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’.

    If Miss King can sell sense to these youngsters, who am I to complain about the rhetorical trumpery that is appended. Keep in mind that what she is attempting to do is persuade them to think and behave like ordinary people (and not burn down local businesses, purloin merchants’ property, assault cops, or form vehement opinions on things which require a knowledge of granular details).

  2. I like the way Bernice King points to making changes via making new relationships, INSTEAD of rioting, rush-to-judgments, and railroading.

    Are you listening, Al Sharpton? How about you, Brown family?
    What about you, Jay Nixon? Eric Holder? Ron Johnson? Barack Obama?

    • The Brown family and Capt. Johnson might be worth attempting to persuade. Little doubt that the rest are innocent of altruistic motives.

  3. I see Doc and art you two are not Christ followers. I read your comments on previous post about this subject matter. All I can say to you two repent and be save before its to late.

      • Only in your mind Artie. To the rest of the world, she is a wackadoodle.

        An no, non-violent philosophy is not respect for the law. Its the opposite of such things. Its protesting unjust laws and its enforcement. What it means having respect for fellow people. Something you have a lot of trouble doing as of late.

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