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CANTERBURY (RNS) Police and government officials turned a blind eye to reports that teenage girls were sexually abused because of fear that, if widely known, they would stir up anti-Muslim feelings in Britain.


  1. One might harbor the naive hope that this could open some people’s eyes to the danger of shouting “Islamophobia!” (and “kyriarchy,” “colonialism,” “racism,” etc.) every time Islam or even a Muslim person is criticized or accused of wrongdoing.

    Sadly (or hilariously), the “social justice” crowd seems to have decided that the failure to properly investigate these crimes had nothing to do with fears of stirring up Islamophobia and racism, and that the lack of action was actually due to white police believing the victims were “asking for it”:

  2. Child protective is a dimension of law enforcement. The national police force is currently under the command of a broad in Manolo Blahniks who gives you gems of wisdom like this

    Theodore Dalrymple has his horror stories about what courts have quite self-consciously allowed malefactors to get away with in Britain. It’s almost as if enforcement effort is allocated to people who pose no physical danger to civil servants.

    • Referencing Theodore Dalrymple on Islam is not much different than referencing Ian Paisley on Catholicism. As much as part of the problem as the subject being referenced.

      What the UK needs is some good old fashioned officially codified Separation of Church and State once and for all. When you divorce national identity from religious identity, you don’t run into these situations as often. No perception of the government favoring one faith, no worry about concessions to others for the sake of appearances.

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