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(RNS) The ruling Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman marked the first time since the Supreme Court ruled against the federal Defense of Marriage Act in June 2013 that a federal court refused to throw out a state's ban on gay and lesbian marriages.


  1. This is why there is an appeals process. :)

    The reasoning for upholding the ban is nonsense which won’t survive an appeal or even the most reasonable form of scrutiny.

    1. The procreation argument is junk because the marriage is not for the purposes of procreation, nor is biological procreation the sole form of legally recognized children to a family.

    2. The judge also failed to take into account that bans in marriage have to have legitimate secular and rational reasons. Polygamy, incest and age of consent bans all have such. None was proffered against gay marriage.

    3. The ban is clearly discriminatory in nature borne of animus against gay couples.

    4. Tradition is not cause for maintaining a law unless there are compelling reasons inherent to the law.

    5. Judge Feldman completely ignores any of the 14th Amendment, Equal Protection arguments as just “sympathy” without bothering to distinguish why he should rule otherwise. All discriminatory laws are passed by a democratic majority. The 14th Amendment takes away any right states have to pass laws which violate civil liberties.

    If it goes to SCOTUS, marriage equality will happen nationwide. You have at least 5 justices who will find for it. Kennedy, Mr. Swing vote, wrote most of the decisions which are being relied upon for support of gay marriage.

  2. It is good to see a judge standing up for his two faiths (Jew and Catholic) and saying NO! to the Lavender Mafia. At this point he and his family will need federal protection because the Lavender Mafia and the Athiest MIlitants are going to go after them.

    • Haha. I think the gay mafia militants prefer periwinkle. And they off you in driveby skippings with glitter shot. Fabulooooous!

    • Bringing us ever closet to a nationwide equal protection ruling ending all bans on gay marriage. If it goes to SCOTUS, you guys will lose.

      The legal arguments for the bans are crap. You guys got nothing but Bible thumping and spurious nonsense to support yourselves.