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(RNS) She made you laugh. She made you cringe. The queen of humor, who died Thursday at 81, had a distinctive bite.


  1. It is so sad to hear that Joan has passed away. She was such a unique and hilarious person who brought so much laughter to me and many others through the years.

    It is comforting for me to know, however, that Joan is resting or sleeping in death, not feeling any pain (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10), and that she has the marvelous hope of resurrection back to life on a cleansed earth, to be reunited with Melissa, other family and friends, and the rest of us who enjoyed her so much (Acts 24:15; John 5:28,29).

    This will be accomplished through God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) in the near future, and it will also put an end to all sickness, disease, old age and death (Revelation 21:1-4).

    We can then enjoy laughing with her again!!

  2. She made jokes about the subject of modern jewishness. Since she was a jew, it was not antisemitic. Therefore, she could do it. It does not mean her comedy had “a jewish touch”.

    She just simply was not pursued as an antisemite because she was a jew. Free hall pass…essentially.

    • No more offensive than African-Americans using the “n-word” when addressing each other. You are allowed to make jokes at the expense of your own group. That is forgivable self-effacement. When someone else does it, it is mean-spirited and defamatory.

      When Mel Brooks finally passes, he is exempt from the same criticism for the same reasons.

      • A least your honest about your personal and group double standard. I bet you don’t mind turning that double standard into an event of legal consequence either. Whereby people who express similar opinion content but of a different ethinic or minority grouping suffer loss of actual freedom due to opinion they hold relative to their group.

        So here’s Larrys rule for society. Please take note. Understand the thoughts your group is allowed to have before thinking them, please. And to do that, you must first accurrately understand your racial category and behave accordingly. No individuals please. We will sue if ya fall outta prescribed thought and speech guidelines.

        • Its a single standard. The basic rule of civilized behavior concerning the “funny”
          Making fun of one’s self = amusing
          Making fun of others = mean spirited

          You just want an excuse to act like a horse’s posterior. Looking for an argument where no sane one exists. You are free to think whatever you want. Just as I am free to call you an idiot for doing so. :)

  3. She cracked me up about a lot of things, whether they were Jewish or not; and I still love her, even though I am not Jewish.

    Laughter has become almost unheard of in this planet of ours, because there is not much to laugh about, unless you see a funny video on Facebook.

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