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ST. LOUIS (RNS) State Rep. Paul Wieland and his wife, Teresa, say the contraceptive benefit required by the Affordable Care Act violates their religious beliefs as Catholics and parents of three daughters.


  1. Has anyone told Theresa Wieland that if she doesn’t want to use the contraceptive coverage, she doesn’t have to?

    Is she worried that if it is available, she will be tempted to use it? Are we to believe Ms. Wieland has such weak willpower?

    • Do you think Catholic women are too weak willed to avoid using contraception if their insurance covers it?

      Evidently Theresa Wieland thinks so. She can’t even trust herself!

    • Yes, such courage! Brining a ridiculous lawsuit to be exempted from something no one is requiring them to do! I bet Christians in Syria will be praying for the Wielands everyday!

  2. This so-called lawmaker and his wife, who are invasive dictators into the rights of others with their thinking based on sick versions of religion, ought to set an example of their contraception method by never having sex again! Of course, they are only one example of the historic madness and evil of which religion is so full.

  3. Craziness continues to come out of Missouri. This equals the madness of the Frankenstein candidate for Congress in 2012 who claimed that rape pregnancies are naturally aborted. What is in the holy water in that state?

  4. We’re bound to have these finicky controversies because wannabe social engineers cannot leave anyone in peace and have no respect for anyone’s autonomy. They also cannot tell the difference between procedures which make use of medical technology and actual medical care and cannot tell the difference between insurance and pre-paid services. So, they hire shysters to defend the issue of their own arrogance and stupidity.

    • What part of “you don’t have to use it”, do you not understand?

      Why does Theresa Wieland need a judicial or legislative act to keep from using contraception? As a good Catholic, she should have no problem avoiding such things. She is wasting the good money of the taxpayers for someone to force her not to do something she does not want anyway.

  5. Timothy Belz and this insane Lawmaker, Wieland are full of garbage and legally WRONG.

    Courts have ruled that parent’s religions do NOT have a legal leg to stand on when it comes to medicines prescribed by doctors … just ask the Jehovah Witnesses.

    Also, parents have NO LEGAL RIGHT to force their religion on their 18 and 19 year old kids

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