Jews are world’s most migratory religious group

Lauren Markoe |

WASHINGTON (RNS) Nearly half the world's migrants are Christian, but the most migratory religious group is Jews, according to a new study on religion and global immigration by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life. By Lauren Markoe.

Vatican website hacked for church’s ‘crimes’

Alessandro Speciale |

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican website was under attack by the hacker group Anonymous on Wednesday, which said it targeted the Roman Catholic Church to punish it for its many 'crimes,' from sexual abuse to persecution of other religions. By Alessandro Speciale.

Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop of Canterbury to meet

Alessandro Speciale |

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, will pray together in Rome on Saturday despite longstanding differences on women clergy and sexual morality. By Alessandro Speciale.

Vatican exhibits spotlight the Bible, Vatican archive

Alessandro Speciale |

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Two new exhibits in Rome offer delights for Christian history buffs. One displays documents from the storied Vatican Secret Archive, and the other is dedicated to the Bible, and displays more than 150 rare biblical texts and artifacts. By Alessandro Speciale.

Buddhist Bhutan fails on its own happiness index

Vishal Arora |

THIMPHU, Bhutan (RNS) In a country that prides itself on measuring quality of life in terms of “Gross National Happiness,” this small Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas seems to have a problem: at least half its citizens aren't happy, according to it's own measurements. By Vishal Arora.

After losing school job, gay teacher loses church job

Elizabethe Holland / St. Louis Post-Dispatch |

FLORISSANT, Mo. (RNS) A Catholic school music teacher who was recently fired after church officials learned that he planned to marry his male partner of 20 years has been fired from a second position as a music director at a suburban Catholic church. By Elizabethe Holland.

COMMENTARY: The problem with Daniel Pearl’s Mormon baptism

Philip A. Cunningham |

(RNS) The posthumous Mormon baptism of slain journalist Daniel Pearl shows that it's not just the proxy “baptism” of Holocaust victims that is problematic. Because of Judaism's communal sense of identity, performing this ritual for any Jews without their community's consent, raises basic questions of fairness and respect. By Philip A. Cunningham.

Cash-strapped Italy looks to tax church-owned properties

Alessandro Speciale |

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Spurred by the economic crisis, Italy's government has taken the unprecedented step of revising long-standing tax exemptions for church-owned property. But experts say the new rules probably won't have a dramatic impact on Italy's finances. By Alessandro Speciale.